Wakefield Class; Any pre WW II, SAM approved Wakefield model. NO SCALING ALLOWED. Motors are limited to the Graupner Speed 300 or 280 Ferrite models.

Unlimited Class: Any pre WW 11, SAM approved rubber powered model. Landing gear is required on "Stick" type models. SCALING IS ALLOWED. Motors are limited to the Graupner Speed 400 4.8, 6, or 7 volt, and the speed 300 and 280 ferrite models.

General rules for both classes: No modifications allowed to the motors other than timing advance. No restrictions on props or gear boxes. Props may fold. Models must ROG unless field or weather conditions dictate otherwise. Battery power is limited to 7 or less ni-cads. Motor run is limited to a single continuous run time of 60 seconds. Three attempts for two official flights. Score will be the sum of the official flights. Maximum flight times will be 5 minutes for Wakefield and 7 minutes for Unlimited.