Wakefield Class Rules [from the SAM website rulebook, SEP 30, 2010] ;

1. Any electric powered replica of a pre-1943 rubber model, described as a Wakefield, in the: 'SAM Approved Designs List ~ Rubber Models, HL Glider and Towline Glider'.
2. No Scaling is allowed.
3. Motors are limited to the Graupner Speed 300 or 280 Ferrite models.
4. Seven (7) minute 'Max', maximum flight time.

General rules for Rubber Wakefield class:-

1.. No modifications allowed to the motors other than timing advance.
2. No restrictions on props or gear boxes.
3. Props may fold.
4. Models must ROG unless field or weather conditions dictate otherwise.
5. Battery power is limited to 7 or less NiCad or NiMH, or two Lithium Chemistry cells of
any capacity.(this clause updated 21-Jan-2010 via DaveH)
6. Motor run is limited to a single continuous run time of 60 seconds.
7. Score the sum of best 2 of 3 flights.