Southwest Regionals

Tomboy event:


Tomboy is a classic English beginner’s model which was often powered by a Mills .75cc/.045 cu in diesel engine. Plans were published in the November, 1950 Aeromodeller.

Plane: either the 36” or the 44” span version of the Tomboy is allowed. The 44” model is basically the same plane with 2 rib bays added at each wing tip and one rib bay added to each tip of the stab. This is noted on the original plans.

Minor strengthening of the fuselage structure (2-4 diagonals in the forward bays) is allowable. Modifications for DT are allowed.

Power: any diesel up to 1 cc or any COX reed valve engine up to .049 cu in, including the ‘product motor’ (the one left over from the ready to fly CL planes). Any prop may be used.

Fuel: 3 cc, which is the capacity of a stock Mills P75 [.75 cc / .045 cu in]. Any fuel may be used, but no gasoline may be added to glow fuel for Cox engines.

Flights: All flights are Rise Off Ground [ROG]. There is no max time. Fly as many flights as you wish, turning in times as they happen if you wish. Be sure to turn in the longest time by 4:00 pm Sunday.

Timer: The timer must stay within 50’ of the launch point. He may use binoculars.

Scores: Your longest flight over the 2 days is your official score.


-A check or PayPal for $6.00 [includes postage] will bring you a full size plan plus copy of the original magazine article. Send to: Al Lidberg, 1030 E. Baseline, Suite 105-1074, Tempe, AZ 85283.  You may also order the plan from the website: