Revised: 9 APR 03


for Modelers

Throughout the years, we've all heard or read about celebrities, high-rollers or even some of our well-to-do friends having "tax shelters". 

There is some mysterious advantage to these things, and if you're going to be a big deal, you must have one. From what we've learned, these things are usually put together by high-priced legal staffs and financial advisors - and so there is a significant cost associated with them.


Modelers and other ordinary folks probably can't afford the usual kind of tax shelters, so here's one you can put together for, and by, yourself.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you - this one is a 'tacks shelter' !

It was given to me by a model railroader guy so it has some neat paper shingles on top and nicely weathered miniature structural wood on the bottom, which is about 1" square. You can probably build one that looks very nice with balsa scraps plus colored construction paper. And, it won't cost you very much at all, which is the whole idea!

You can also make and sell these at arts & crafts shows - maybe that could really be your "tax shelter"?

Enjoy your tax shelter!

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