The 65th Annual

Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships

    Eloy, Arizona      

17, 18, 19   JAN 2015

Rev: 20 MAR 2015 am

SWR is 3 contests - AMA Free Flight, FAI Free Flight, and SAM RC Old Timers. This report contains results and pictures from each of these contests.

For AMA, etc Free Flight and RC Old Timers, we gave out plaques with 1st thru 3rd stick-on labels. In each of those two contests, winners received a sticker and a plaque for their first win. For additional placings, they received stickers. This is a picture of the logo on the plaques. The FAI mugs also carried that picture. As always, Bob Holman [laser kits/plans] did a very nice job on the awards.  Bob McKeon gets the credit for the artwork on the logo!

General Information

Numbers: There were 49 entrants in AMA etc Free Flight, 41 in FAI Free Flight, and 22 in RC Old Timer.

Pictures are courtesy of Tom Gaylor, Bruce Grawburg, and Mike Myers.

Click on the small pictures to see them full size, and see the credit notations below each picture: TG, BG,MM.

Results for each of the 3 contests can be seen by clicking on the links at the bottom of each picture group.


AMA/NFFS/SAM Free Flight

Greg couldn't be with us this year, but he did send a letter:




As is apparent, I’m not here.

After  nigh on to 15 years, circumstance has finally caught up with me and SWR is now a fond memory.

I like to think I have contributed something positive to the contest for as long as we all have been associated.

My greatest admiration has always been for the competitors and the energy you have expended to make this one of the premier free flight events to be found anywhere.

I have had the good fortune to develop great friendships here over the years. There will always be a special place in my heart for Al Lidberg and his family. They have become my family in Arizona.

I shall miss you all. Farewells have a sense of finality I wish to avoid. So everyone take it easy, take care of yourself, and we’ll get together one of these days.




65 years! It’s really amazing that our contest has run this long. My family moved to Phoenix in time for me to fly in the 2nd Annual SWR and I still have the 1st place trophy won by my FUBAR in 1/2A Junior Free Flight. I have flown in a fair number of SWRs [including a couple when I was in the Navy], and officiated in probably more than that.

What happened this year? I’m going to call out a few things that I witnessed.

Last year, Grant Carson left his home in Texas and drove to Eloy for the contest. Before he had a chance to drive to the field, he had a heart attack at his motel. A few days later he was driven home. This year, I know Grant was feeling good about flying in the Southwest Regionals as he sent in his advance entry for about 14 events! That’s more than anyone in recorded SWR history has ever entered. As far as I am concerned the highlight of Grant’s SWR model flying was his entry in the Twin Pusher Mass Launch. The wind was quite calm as the 3 flyers launched their models. Time marched slowly by. The first model down had scored 2 minutes and one second for 3rd place . More time passes and the second place model lands at 3 minutes 44 seconds. Grant’s airplane soars on and I could see him track his model with binoculars for what seemed a long time. A long time it truly was: 7 minutes and 44 seconds!

Kenny Kear is an outstanding builder, whether it’s a small model or a large one. This year Ken set out to sponsor a large model event – for Satellites of certain vintage. His own entry was a Satellite 1000 that qualified for the event with 3 very strong flights. Unfortunately, no one else entered so we’re hoping that this will change in the future.

With Greg unable to join us, my son Chris stepped up, volunteered to assist and qualified to be a Contest Director. I'm sure it was an eye-opening experience for him and I sure appreciated the help. It's not clear just what the problem is but every year the situation gets worse sorting out the event winner tags. This keeps taking longer and longer with both lots of duplicates as well as missing tags. There must be a simple answer here, somewhere.

Thanks to Elmer Nelson, Peter Brocks, our photographers Bruce Grawburg, Tom Gaylor and Mike Myers, and Bob and Walt Angus at RC Old Timers for their efforts in putting this thing called the Southwest Regionals together!

AL Lidberg

Some feedback from Chris Lidberg;

My connection to the Southwest Regionals goes back to the late 70’s when the contest took place at the Buckeye Airport and featured Free Flight, Radio Control, and Control Line aircraft.  A lot has changed but my love of model aircraft has not waned.  Fast forward several years and now I am assisting my father in the 2015 Regionals.  I know some about the events I fly, but it is not until you attempt to CD that you get a full picture of the whole contest.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience in educating me as I learn the various components of our sport/hobby.  What a weekend, you could not ask for better weather.  It is my pleasure to give back to an institution that has given so much to me.  I look forward to seeing all of you in 2016.


tg156.jpg (144103 bytes)

The AMA Officials' table.


tg1510.jpg (123784 bytes)

Don DeLoach deliberates.


tg153.jpg (140512 bytes)

Elmer Nelson and his 1/2A Lucky Lindy.


tg158.jpg (127179 bytes)

Carl Redlin accepts an award.


tg159.jpg (115136 bytes)

Ken Kear displays the awards he had ready for his "Back to the 70s" Satellite event.


tg1511.jpg (83785 bytes)

Ken K with some exceptional awards for his event. Just imagine making these scale models of models!


tg155.jpg (130260 bytes)

Steve Hesla, Ken Kear and Randy Burros


tg1524.jpg (118084 bytes)

Elmer congratulates Tim Batiuk for his performance at the December PMAC/TFFC contest.


bg1522.jpg (120391 bytes)

Elmer holds while Don DeLoach winds for the FAC WWII Mass Launch, with Mrs. Jester and Michael in the background.


bg1523.jpg (131447 bytes)

Neat F6F Hellcat in the WWII event.


bg1525.jpg (135316 bytes)

Excellent launch sequence photo by Bruce Grawburg!


bg1526.jpg (137712 bytes)

 Big RamRod VTOs.


bg1527.jpg (123175 bytes)

Glenn Schneider with the RamRod.


bg1529.jpg (113140 bytes)

Tom Miller


bg1534.jpg (124680 bytes)

Bud Romak's Westerner.


bg1536.jpg (158054 bytes)

Jimmie Allen by Don DeLoach.


bg1537.jpg (139752 bytes)

AMA Official's tent: 

AL and Chris Lidberg presiding.


bg1539.jpg (138107 bytes)

Carl Redlin with Large Rubber Stick model.


bg1540.jpg (135492 bytes)

Matthew Kruse with a big Geef.


bg1541.jpg (117204 bytes)

RamRod by Dennis Butz!


bg1542.jpg (126830 bytes)

Ken Kear's big Satellite.


bg1543.jpg (127331 bytes)


I think we have all had models that deserved this 

"Little Stinker"



bg154.jpg (129427 bytes)

Dennis Butz




Link to: AMA etc Results


2015 FAI Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships

We had a great 65th SWR on Jan.17 and 18 which was flown from the new Webster West field. Saturday the temperature start-ed out just under 40°, but as the sun came up it warmed up nice-ly to 72° with clear blue skies. In the morning the wind was out of the ESE at 7mph. At around 10 am the wind slowed considerably and the direction was variable. In the later afternoon the wind came out of WSW at up to 5mph. On Sunday it was warmer at the start of the first round with 44° but with the wind coming from the ESE at 6mph. It calmed before noon and warmed up to 76° in the shade. In the afternoon the wind again was out of the WSW at up to 5mph.

We had a total of 32 sportsmen flying in the 8 FAI classes. The contestants were from AZ, CA, CO, CT, MI, NV, OH, OR and UT. We had Peter Allnutt here flying for Canada. Enes and Jasminka Pecenkovic were flying for their homeland Bosnia-Herzegovina. We had 3 ladies flying FAI events, Jasminka Pecenkovic (F1A), Geralyn Jones (F1G) and Tiffaney O’Dell (F1G) – and also 2 FAI Juniors, Jace Pivonka (F1B,F1G), and Austin Van Nest (F1A, F1H).

On Saturday F1Q was won by Matt Gewain with Mike Pykelny coming in 2nd and Jack Murphy in 3rd.The F1A field had 2 flyers clean after 7 rounds. The F1A fly-off was won by Shlomi Rosenzweig who made the 5 min max while Jim Parker missed it by 10 seconds and came in 2nd. Brian Van Nest was 3nd while his grandson Austin was 4th overall and the 1st Junior in F1A. In F1B four contestants had maxed all 7 rounds. Two F1B sportsmen did 3 flyoff flights where Walt Ghio came in first while Jack Emery came in 2nd crashing in the last fly-off flight. Jace Pivonka came in 3rd overall and also received a certificate for being the 1st Junior in F1B. There were no entries in F1C or F1P.

On Sunday we flew F1G, F1H and F1J. Glenn Schneider won the F1J Bear followed by Rick Pangell in 2nd place and Ray Boyd in 3rd place. F1H required a 4-man fly-off which was cleanly won by Jim Parker with Brian Van Nest in 2nd and Shlomi Rosenzweig in 3rd place. F1G or Coupe d’Hiver had 6 flyers clean after 5 rounds. The F1G Bear was won by Alan Petersen with Walt Ghio in 2nd place in the 2nd fly-off. After this fly-off Tiffaney O’Dell and Peter Brocks were tied for 3rd and they flew again in a tie-breaker which Tiffany won by 4 seconds for 3rd place putting Peter in 4th.

A big thank you to all participants and to Elmer Nelson, Hermann Andresen, Tom Gaylor and my wife Brigitte who all made this FAI SWR again a great contest to be remembered.

Peter Brocks, CD


bg151.jpg (130241 bytes)

Charlie Jones launches his F1B!


bg152.jpg (129461 bytes)

Bill Booth launches


bg155.jpg (100479 bytes)

Jack Murphy's F1Q.


bg157.jpg (129948 bytes)

Jace Pivonka


bg158.jpg (117413 bytes)

Dick Wood.


bg159.jpg (125434 bytes)



bg1510.jpg (91665 bytes)

and again..


bg1511.jpg (126115 bytes)

Jace Pivonka launching F1B.


bg1512.jpg (141166 bytes)

Jazminka and Enes Pecenkovic


bg1513.jpg (106531 bytes)

Jace Pivonka F1B



bg1514.jpg (92535 bytes)

Enes launches...


bg1515.jpg (148506 bytes)

Jack Emory winds


bg153.jpg (155740 bytes)

Matt Gewain


bg1516.jpg (100319 bytes)

Nice stab and fin detail.


bg1517.jpg (117419 bytes)

Lots to see here


bg1518.jpg (90849 bytes)

Charlie Jones


bg1519.jpg (133325 bytes)

Blake Jensen


bg1520.jpg (126080 bytes)

Paul Crowley


bg1521.jpg (124259 bytes)

Jace Pivonka's model


tg152.jpg (149200 bytes)

Jace Pivonka


tg154.jpg (162764 bytes)

FAI CD area


tg1512.jpg (532486 bytes)

Blake Jensen


tg1513.jpg (138497 bytes)

Matt Gewain



tg1514.jpg (135130 bytes) 

Jim Parker with Brian Van Nest's grandsons Austin and Wade with F1H


tg1515.jpg (129393 bytes)

Charles Jones


tg1516.jpg (136532 bytes)

Peter Brocks


tg1517.jpg (122075 bytes)

Peter Brocks, Elmer Nelson and Alan Peterson


tg1518.jpg (111136 bytes)

Lee Hines, Brian Van Nest, Jim Parker



tg1519.jpg (122580 bytes)

Brian Van Nest, Jim Parker Shlomi Rosenzweig




Link to: FAI Results


RC SAM Old Timers

mm1.jpg (132229 bytes)

Oh my!

Bob Galler's 191% San De Hogan for Electric Texaco


mm2.jpg (116766 bytes)

Loren Kramer with his Playboy Cabin for Speed 400


mm3.jpg (136760 bytes)

Phil Pearce with Cleveland Gull



Link to: RC Old Timer Results

We, the SW Regionals Modelers Association, may have as much fun putting the contest together as the contestants do flying in it! Our purposes are to continue holding the contest and to improve it as much as possible!


At the field:

AMA/NFFS/SAM  FAI / Randy Archer Invitational RC Old Timers
CD: AL Lidberg

Asst: Chris Lidberg

CD: Peter Brocks

Asst: Brigitte Brocks & Herman Andresen

CD: Bob Angus

Asst: Walt Angus

The organization: Southwest Regional Modelers Association:
AL Lidberg, Peter Brocks, Elmer Nelson, Steve Riley, Bob Angus, Greg Tutmark, Tom Gaylor, John Patton, and Herman Andresen.


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