The 64th Annual

Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships

    Eloy, Arizona      

18, 19, 20   JAN 2014

19 FEB 2014 am

Here are the words we used last year to describe the weather,"... on Saturday the mild breeze was blowing to the west, a direction we’ve never seen early in the morning in any season. Each of the 3 days was about the same, and very nice to experience! The temperatures were very nice all weekend too. Can’t ask for more than that!" For 2014, we experienced quite similar weather with the west-blowing wind the most surprizing.

SWR is 3 contests - AMA Free Flight, FAI Free Flight, and SAM RC Old Timers. This report contains results and pictures from each of these contests.

For AMA, etc Free Flight and RC Old Timers, we gave out plaques with 1st thru 3rd stick-on labels. In each of those two contests, winners received a sticker and a plaque for their first win. For additional placings, they received stickers. This is a picture of the logo on the plaques. The FAI mugs also carried that picture. As always, Bob Holman [laser kits/plans] did a very nice job on the awards.  Bob McKeon gets the credit for the artwork on the logo!

General Information

Numbers: There were 49 entrants in AMA etc Free Flight, 41 in FAI Free Flight, and 22 in RC Old Timer.

Pictures are courtesy of Don DeLoach, Bruce Grawburg, Robert Galler, Tom Gaylor, & Eut Tileston.

Click on the small pictures to see them full size, and see the credit notations below each picture: DD, BG, RG, TG, ET.

Results for each of the 3 contests can be seen by clicking on the links at the bottom of each picture group.


AMA/NFFS/SAM Free Flight

As you may note in the pictures that follow, we have a new flying field! A site acquisition group was formed last spring, chaired by Elmer Nelson and we searched the area near our old field quite extensively. Another kind of search was undertaken looking at county property records. What we'd hoped might be a simplified project became quite complicated when we found that a promising parcel of land could have as many as 20 property owners. This is quite a contrast to the property around our old field which had one corporate owner and one lease holder [the lease holder has control over 30,000 acres, BTW].

Anyhow, with a lot of work by the site committee and Elmer in particular, our new field was assembled in the middle of 2013 by working out arrangements with some of those land owners. We tested the field at a few club [Phoenix MAC & Tucson FF Club] contests and declared it workable for the SW Regionals. We're happy with the field and the contestants seem to be too. Inspired by Elmer's work on our behalf, some of us nominated him for the AMA's "Carl Goldberg Vital People Award". Unbeknown to us, just 5 people can win this award in any given year. Lawrence Tsougas, our District 10 VP was campaigning for Elmer among the voters - all the Dist. VPs. When we heard that Elmer had won, I invited Lawrence to the December contest to present the award - where Elmer was the CD. We hadn't told Elmer anything about the award. When Lawrence presented the plaque, Elmer was speechless!

bge2.jpg (134107 bytes)

bge6.jpg (126784 bytes)

bge3.jpg (153564 bytes)

Greg Tutmark is the 'face' of the SW Regionals for AMA etc contestants and we were pleased to have him back with us. This time, he brought along a helper, Brad Bufkin, who is also from WA state. They both served as recorders over the 3 day weekend. Greg has a knack for engaging people and they really enjoy having him there. He can deal with multiple card-runners, eager to have their times recoded so they can return it to the flyer plus flyers who need to have a rule interpreted, all at the same time.

Greg sponsored 2 awards this year: the AMA Grand Champion Award and the Planophore Award. He discusses each of these below in his "The way I see it" entry.

Kenny Kear sponsored a special event for 2014: "1/4A AMA & 1/4A Nostalgia Gas Combined" for which he provided very special awards: hand made tiny gas model replicas on award plaques. First place was a 70s Series Satellite; 2nd was a Starduster; and third was a 1/2A Texan. Look closely and you can see the tiny Cox TD engines! For 2015, Kenny will be sponsoring an event for full size Satellites - watch for details!

gt142.jpg (119171 bytes)

gt141.jpg (101494 bytes)

gt143.jpg (123010 bytes)

All-in-all, we had a great time with perfect weather. Thanks to Elmer Nelson for his ideas on wind, weather and flight line placement. Thanks to Greg for his sponsorship of the SWR Planophore and Grand Champion awards and his always welcome presence at Eloy. Thanks to Al Fernandez for constructing the Planophore award. Thanks to Bob McKeon for the beautiful SWR logos. Thanks, of course, to the contestants because without them we wouldn’t have a contest. / AL

AL Lidberg



The way I see it

SWR 2014 will go down as one of the good ones .  We could not have asked for  better  weather, and the new  venue was all we could have hoped it  to be.  This year I managed to coerce my flying buddy, Brad to accompany me on the trip. Brad was a godsend.  I prevailed on him mercilessly and he came through with flying colors. He was still enthusiastic at contest’s end, and actually is looking forward to SWR 2015.   I sure hope he doesn’t change his mind.

This year I want to give special recognition and heartfelt thanks to Bridgette Brocks, our ‘peanut and pretzel lady’. For as long as I can remember, Bridgette has been a crucial part of our contest. Every day she covers the flight lines, keeping a ready supply of peanuts and pretzels for all. Not only does Bridgette keep us supplied with goodies,  she always has a sunny smile and a cheerful kind word. I can’t imagine having a Southwest Regionals without her. I’m sure all will join me in giving Bridgette our thanks and sincere hope to see her next year.

As with every year, I get special enjoyment out of renewing last year’s friendships and making new ones. A special tribute is due for Bud Romak.  His enthusiasm and dedication are an inspiration.  After over a decade (I think it’s 14 years) of attending SWR, I finally entered  and  flew  an event.   Without  Bud’s  help and encouragement, I’d probably still be thinking about it. Thanks, Bud,

This year I sponsored an event for  the  Penaud  Planophore – a rubber-powered model that flew in 1871 – over 140 years ago.  The event asked that the entrants follow as closely as possible the materials  available to the original builder. In 1871 Penaud’s airplane flew for 11 seconds.  This year I was pleased to award the trophy to Dave Harding, whose planophore  flew very well, logging several flights well in excess of the original. I have already started to receive inquiries about next year’s event, so as of right now, there will be a planophore event for 2015.  The construction rules will be the same as this year; the scoring may change.  These models are a surprising challenge and great fun to get flying well. Dave's webpage about the Planophore:

Sergio Montes will be featuring Dave and his Planophore efforts in a forthcoming issue of Free Flight Quarterly!

tg1437.jpg (92048 bytes)

Last year we started the SWR Grand Champion award.  This  award is earned by highest  placing scores  and the number of contestants bested in five classes.  Not only do you have to win, you have to do well in classes with large numbers of entrants.  Last year, our inaugural trophy was won by Don Deloach.  This year Don was again successful, but not without a good run from Carl Redlin.  Both fliers did well, but  Don’s winning E-36, beating 13 other contestants, sealed it for him.   Well done.

A special thanks to Elmer Nelson.  Elmer, you have no idea how easy your efforts make my job.  It  is  a real treat to be presented with the venue after Elmer has done so much preparatory work.  Even his weather predictions   were very close.    And   lastly, a  heartfelt  thanks to my Arizona family , the Lidbergs:  Annie, Chris and most importantly Al.  every  year you open your homes to me and make my visit rewarding .  I will never be able to thank you all enough.


tg141.jpg (148064 bytes)

Greg presides behind the AMA scoreboard


tg142.jpg (139625 bytes)

Saturday morning signup: Dick Nelson fills out forms as Brad observes


tg143.jpg (137644 bytes)

The flight line, looking toward FAI from the AMA desk measured about 1/4 mile long


tg144.jpg (114234 bytes)

Don Kaiser and his Nosgas model.


tg146.jpg (100744 bytes)

Jerry Murphy holds his E36


tg148.jpg (104583 bytes)

Tom Miller and Ralph Hotz.


tg149.jpg (107723 bytes)

Shig Saimo and his P-30.


tg1410.jpg (113386 bytes)

James Kruse from Tucson and Matthew Kruse from Aliso Viejo, CA


tg1411.jpg (148954 bytes)

Ken Walters - ace model retriever, Bud Romak, Ted Firster, Carl Redlin & Herb Kothe


tg1412.jpg (110113 bytes)

Mike Keller, Mrs. Ken Kear, & Randy Burrows


tg1414.jpg (168247 bytes)

Bill Bickel watches over his engines at the swap meet


tg1415.jpg (114675 bytes)

Bob Christ, Greg & Steve Riley


tg1416.jpg (123324 bytes)

Rick Pangell & Jerry Murphy.


bg1440.jpg (131920 bytes)

Chris Lidberg and stubborn Gollywock


tg1419.jpg (114269 bytes)

Bob Hanford


tg1420.jpg (114436 bytes)

Ken Kaiser with a big Texan.


tg1422.jpg (104515 bytes)

Rick Pangell, Ray Boyd, & Ray's son-in-law, Dave Snider


tg1423.jpg (86584 bytes)

Don DeLoach with his Torontonian Nos rubber model.


bg141.jpg (119884 bytes)

Ken Kaiser launches!


bg142.jpg (119882 bytes)

Eric Strengel with an Alert OT pylon.


bg143.jpg (124012 bytes)

Ron Thomas and a Strato Streak.


bg144.jpg (133926 bytes)

Ken Kear with an .020 Satellite.



bg146.jpg (114993 bytes)

Carl Redlin and a Mulvihill.


bg149.jpg (110949 bytes)

Herb Kothe winds for WW II mass launch


bg1410.jpg (75571 bytes)

Don DeLoach's F4F.


bg1411.jpg (94336 bytes)

Herb launches.


bg1412.jpg (130970 bytes)

Enes Pecenkovic


bg1413.jpg (118630 bytes)

Tom Miller and Starduster.



bg1414.jpg (58369 bytes)

Matthew Kruse


bg1415.jpg (100149 bytes)

Steve Hesla


bg1416.jpg (94823 bytes)

Glenn Schneider


bg1419.jpg (127356 bytes)

Left handed launch - and look at that body bending!


bg1417.jpg (71413 bytes)

Mark Covington


bg1418.jpg (150323 bytes)

Mark C again


bg1420.jpg (108207 bytes)

Lee Hines


bg1421.jpg (40837 bytes)

Model gliding overhead


bg1422.jpg (125837 bytes)

Steve Hesla


bg1424.jpg (100326 bytes)

Kent Prescott 


bg1423.jpg (179915 bytes)

Bernie Crowe and Ralph Hotz


bg1429.jpg (113312 bytes)

Elmer Nelson and a 1/2A


bg1425.jpg (117865 bytes)

Jean Andrews winds


bg1426.jpg (109974 bytes)

Jean launches...


bg1427.jpg (59177 bytes)

Tom Gaylor


bg1428.jpg (107039 bytes)

Mike Keller and his .020 AMA model

Look at that field!


bg1441.jpg (66146 bytes)

Don DeLoach in a nice sequence launch shot


bg1430.jpg (70877 bytes)

Bud Romak with an OT cabin model


bg1431.jpg (125732 bytes)

Carl Redlin and a Sailplane. Is there any doubt that the earliest Satellites were derived from this airplane?


bg1432.jpg (68477 bytes)

Bob Hanford launches


bg1433.jpg (110768 bytes)

Randy Burrows holds a Satellite built by Mike Keller


bg1434.jpg (56831 bytes)

Mike launches


bg1435.jpg (104363 bytes)

Small crowd for twin pusher - and they are all different models:

Jean Andrews, Ted Firster, and Carl Redlin with a Burnham.


bg1437.jpg (127499 bytes)

Bob Hanford contemplates


bg1438.jpg (129569 bytes)

Don & Mrs Bartick from San Diego


bg1439.jpg (113454 bytes)

Stan Buddenbohm, noted glider guy


tg1429.jpg (75266 bytes)

Kent Prescott


tg1434.jpg (140008 bytes)

Nice way to store models


>tg1438.jpg (99674 bytes)

The Cokers


tg1439.jpg (125332 bytes)

Bob Hanford's vehicle



Link to: AMA etc Results


2014 FAI Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships

We had a great 64th SWR on Jan.19 and 20 which was flown from the new Webster West field. Saturday the temperature started out just under 40°, but as the sun came up it warmed up nicely to 75° with clear blue skies. In the morning the wind was out of the ESE at 7mph. At around 11am the wind slowed and the direction was variable. In the afternoon the wind came out of WSW at up to 8mph. On Sunday it was slightly overcast and in the morning a bit over 40° but with the wind coming from the ESE at 9mph gusting up to 13mph a bit later. It calmed before noon and warmed up to 70°. In the afternoon the wind again was out of the WSW at up to 5mph.   

We had a total of 41 sportsmen flying in the 8 FAI classes. The contestants were from AZ, CA, CO, CT, MI, NV, OH, OK, OR and UT. Entered was also Cenny Breeman from Belgium who for a year is touring the U.S. with his wife Anneke. Enes and Jasminka Pecenkovic were flying for their homeland Bosnia-Herzegovina. We also had 4 ladies flying FAI events, Jasminka Pecenkovic (F1A), Caley Hand (F1B), Geralyn Jones (F1G) and Tiffaney O’Dell (F1G) – and also 4 FAI Juniors, Jace Pivonka (F1B), Jimmy Farmer, Logan Tetrick and Garrett Tremayne (all F1A).

On Saturday F1C/P was won by Bob Hanford (F1P), the only entry in that event. F1Q was won by John Oldenkamp with Bernie Crowe coming in 2nd and Jack Murphy in 3rd.The large 17 flyer F1A field had 8 flyers clean after 7 rounds. The F1A fly-off was won by Junior Garrett Tremayne, straight-towing and making the 7 min. flight in the 2nd fly-off.  Andrew Barron was 2nd and Junior Logan Tetrick 3rd. In F1B six contestants had maxed all 7 rounds. In the first fly-off Paul Crowley and George Batiuk had malfunctions. Paul’s model turned very tight for a bad climb and George’s electronic timer just quit at launch. The second, 7-min fly-off, was won by Walt Ghio with Charlie Jones coming in 2nd and Blake Jensen 2 seconds behind in 3rd place .

On Sunday we flew F1G, F1H and F1J. Glenn Schneider won the F1J Bear with a clean score plus a 5 min max fly-off flight followed by Bob Hanford in 2nd  who had an engine overrun in the fly-off and Ray Boyd in 3rd place. F1H required a 4-man fly-off which was cleanly won by Brian Van Nest with Lee Hines in 2nd and Kyle Jones in 3rd place. F1G or Coupe d’Hiver had 6 flyers clean after 5 rounds. Tom Ioerger could not fly-off after breaking a wing after the 5th round. Dick Wood had a prop blade on the wing in the first fly-off. In the 2nd fly-off Peter Brocks had one prop blade come loose for a bad climb. The F1G Bear was won by Tiffaney O’Dell with Blake Jensen in 2nd place and Geralyn Jones in 3rd.

A big thank you to all participants and to Elmer Nelson, Hermann Andresen, Tom Gaylor and my wife Brigitte who all made this FAI SWR again a great contest to be remembered.

 Peter Brocks, CD


bg14f1.jpg (96720 bytes)

John Oldenkamp & F1Q


bg14f2.jpg (65596 bytes)

Mike Pykelny


bg14f3.jpg (119098 bytes)

Mike Richardson, Herman Andresen, Bridgette Brocks at FAI desk


bg14f8.jpg (113523 bytes)

Mike Pykelny & John Oldenkamp


bg14f4.jpg (82478 bytes)

Charlie Jones



bg14f5.jpg (87904 bytes)

Charlie again



bg14f6.jpg (87809 bytes)

Still Charlie


bg14f7.jpg (66343 bytes)

Tom Ioerger, Boulder City, NV


bg14f9.jpg (96138 bytes)

Blake Jensen


bg14f10.jpg (115327 bytes)

Bridgett and Peter Brocks



bg14f11.jpg (76020 bytes)

Blake Jensen & Tiffany O'Dell


bg14f12.jpg (47054 bytes)

Walt Ghio


bg14f13.jpg (86670 bytes)

Tom Gaylor's hat


bg14f14.jpg (69542 bytes)



bg14f15.jpg (122795 bytes)

Geralyn Jones winding F1G motor


bg14f16.jpg (69815 bytes)

Blake Jensen


tg14f1.jpg (85988 bytes)

Walt Ghio & Wakefield


tg13f2.jpg (107492 bytes)

Tiffany O'Dell & Bridgette Brocks at the FAI table


tg14f3.jpg (88521 bytes)

John Oldenkamp at the FAI desk


tg14f27.jpg (154864 bytes)

Peter & Logan Tetrick, 3rd Place winner in F1A


tg14f28.jpg (131654 bytes)

Peter, Garrett Tremayne & Logan Tetrick


tg14f29.jpg (112608 bytes)


Peter & Blake Jensen


tg14f30.jpg (129613 bytes)

Blake Jensen & Charlie Jones


tg14f31.jpg (111765 bytes)

Mike Richardson & Paul Crowley


tg14f32.jpg (120584 bytes)

Jasminka & Enes Pecenkovic



Link to: FAI Results


RC SAM Old Timers

rgrc5.jpg (68010 bytes)

The last photo of Steve Moskal's excellent speed 400 Playboy prior to being lost, but it could have been found by now.


rgrc4.jpg (135519 bytes)

Fred Foster working on the engine of his RC-1.


rgrc2.jpg (122756 bytes)

Bob Angel's Cloud King.


rgrc1.jpg (131903 bytes)

Richard Dick preparing his Electric Wakefield Gull for flight.


et1.jpg (111717 bytes)

Aerial view of the cookout site


et2.jpg (78022 bytes)

Firepit gets prepared


et4.jpg (94801 bytes)

Another view


et5.jpg (75140 bytes)

Dinner at Eva's


et6.jpg (60770 bytes)

Bob Angus holds a pilot's meeting



Link to: RC Old Timer Results

We, the SW Regionals Modelers Association, may have as much fun putting the contest together as the contestants do flying in it! Our purposes are to continue holding the contest and to improve it as much as possible!


At the field:

AMA/NFFS/SAM  FAI / Randy Archer Invitational RC Old Timers
CD: AL Lidberg

Asst: Greg Tutmark & Brad Bufkin

CD: Peter Brocks

Asst: Brigitte Brocks & Herman Andresen

CD: Bob Angus

Asst: Walt Angus

The organization: Southwest Regional Modelers Association:
AL Lidberg, Peter Brocks, Elmer Nelson, John Nystedt, Steve Riley, Bob Angus, Greg Tutmark, Tom Gaylor, John Patton, and Herman Andresen.


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