The 63rd Annual

Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships

    Eloy, Arizona      

19, 20, 21   JAN 2013

18 FEB 2013

Free Flighter’s heaven – that’s what we had this year at Eloy! Well, sure, the RC Old Timers enjoyed the same weather, too, but the FFers had almost ideal chasing conditions along with ample thermals. While each day for a week preceding the SW Regionals offered a different prediction of wind directions, on Saturday the mild breeze was blowing to the west, a direction we’ve never seen early in the morning in any season. Each of the 3 days was about the same, and very nice to experience! The temperatures were very nice all weekend too. Can’t ask for more than that!

SWR is actually 3 contests - AMA Free Flight, FAI Free Flight, and SAM RC Old Timers. This report contains results and pictures from each of these contests.

For AMA, etc Free Flight and RC Old Timers, we gave out plaques with 1st thru 3rd stick-on labels. In each of those two contests, winners received a sticker and a plaque for their first win. For additional placings, they received stickers. This is a picture of the logo on the plaques. The FAI mugs also carried that picture. As always, Bob Holman [laser kits/plans] did a very nice job on the awards.  Bob McKeon gets the credit for the artwork on the logo!

General Information

Numbers: There were 43 entrants in AMA etc Free Flight, 39 in FAI Free Flight, and 18 in RC Old Timer.

Pictures are courtesy of Annmarie [Lidberg] Baldwin, Don DeLoach, Bob Galler, Bruce Grawburg, Tom Gaylor, Doug Klassen, Dick Strang and Mike Woodhouse.  

Click on the small pictures to see them full size, and see the credit notations below each picture: AB, DD, BGA, BG, TG, DK, DS and MW.

Results for each of the 3 contests can be seen by clicking on the links at the bottom of each picture group.


AMA/NFFS/SAM Free Flight

You may have heard about our new problem: we now have active farmland encroaching on our chasing areas in all directions. At least our original ½ mi X 1 mi field will not see crops in the foreseeable future due to lack of water, but, all of the land around that field is now becoming active farmland. The problem is that the farmer will not allow wheeled vehicles on his land. Breaking that restriction would result in the sheriff being called and a trespassing ticket being issued. We only learned of this problem in December. Knowing that we could not contact each person who might attend, we worked out a plan to post ‘No Trespassing/On foot OK’ signs at each crossing point the farmland. This seems to have worked out OK. That’s not a permanent solution; we have begun a very active search for a new field.

It was great to see Greg Tutmark as our recorder and CD for the long weekend. Greg has a knack for engaging people and they really enjoy having him there. He can deal with multiple card-runners, eager to have their times recoded so they can return it to the flyer plus flyers who need to have a rule interpreted, all at the same time.

Bud Romak has been flying with us for quite a few years and usually brings a number of new good flying models. Sunday afternoon, after most of the official flying had stopped, he brought out a new model for Dawn Patrol flights. This event is flown at the USFF Champs, at dawn, for one flight only. The plane is almost twice as large as the biggest Mulvihills which are limited to 300 sq inches, but weighs only about 4 ounces without the rubber motor. For flying at dawn when there won’t be any thermals, one needs a light wing loading plus a long motor run, which this plane has. Bud flew it once – what a beautiful sight!

TG40.jpg (103073 bytes)


AB1.jpg (103976 bytes)


AB2.jpg (104939 bytes)


AB5.jpg (101965 bytes)


Something new this year was the addition of three FAC Mass Launch events, one each morning. Each event had 4 entries which is a good sign.

We had an emergency situation due to a prop strike. Jerry Murphy was hit by a prop blade from a gas model that was not his. We don't know just how far the blade flew but it inflicted some serious cuts. Kent Prescott stepped it to apply first aid and another modeler took Jerry to the hospital in Casa Grande where stitches, etc were applied. No long term damage is expected and Jerry was flying at the field the next day.

We have included an event for Jetex/Rapier for a number of years, always as a non-official, no entry fee event – to encourage rocketeer folks to fly. Claudio Bormida in Italy has been working for a few years to reintroduce Jetex type motors to the world since their closing down 40~50 years ago. He has made his version of a ‘50’ size motor and sent 2 motor sets to be awarded to the winners of the event. The first and second place winners were flying Rapier powered models. I was the sole Jetex flyer but my 50 year old fuel would not cooperate. Rapiers are also mostly out of production since the government declared them to be fireworks but flyers in Europe and England can pick up motors direct from Dr. Z in the Czech Republic. Shipping or mailing Rapiers is just not yet possible. We shall have to see if Claudio can make a success of his motor project.

My daughter Annie and her husband Jason Baldwin brought out their son Christopher.

AB9.jpg (50435 bytes)

Is there any doubt that this kid could avoid becoming a model builder? Look at the family heritage of Free Flighters: Mother Annie, Uncles: Chris, Paul and Mike, Grandpa Al, Great Grandpa Wayne Ross and Great Uncle Allan Ross!

All-in-all, we had a great time with perfect weather. Thanks to Elmer Nelson for his thoughtful ideas on weather and flight line placement. Thanks to Greg for his sponsorship of the SWR Grand Champion award and his always welcome presence at Eloy. Thanks to Bob McKeon for the beautiful SWR logos. Thanks, too, to the contestants because, without them, we wouldn’t have a contest. / AL

AL Lidberg



The Way I See It:

Someone recently asked me how many years have I been coming to Southwest Regionals.  I went back  through all my old notes and whatevers and as near as I can tell, I honestly don’t know.  As near as I can tell, I have been here somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve or thirteen seasons – a fair long time. This is nothing in comparison to Al Lidberg.  I believe Al was invented just to administer SWR; he’s been at it for 25+ years now. Where I am going with this is to show that it takes time dedication and experience to get something right. This year, we got SWR ‘right’.  In all my years, I have never experienced a better contest. The preparation was right, the weather was beyond right, and the competition was first-rate. To all of you who worked so hard to make it all come together, a most heartfelt and sincere, “Thank You”.

I always consider myself to be extremely fortunate to get to hang out with the contestants. These are the people who really make this contest happen. This year we added a new award; the Southwest Regionals Grand Champion. This award  was  for the contestant who scored highest in five classes. Two of the five classes were free electives, but the remaining three had to be one power, one rubber and one glider.  In addition to receiving points for final position in each class, the contestants received bonus points for the number of people they bested in each class.  Winning  would not be  good enough, you had to do it against many other fliers to come out on top. This year, our inaugural year, I was pleased to present the Grand Champion award  to Don Deloach.  Not only did Don do well, he sealed his victory  by winning our two largest-entry classes. Well done Don.  

DD1.jpg (107221 bytes)

Each year we loose a few people – this year we lost Sal. Sal Taibi is a true legend in our hobby. He was also a friend of mine. I shall miss him. To the regulars who couldn’t be there this year, you were sincerely missed.  I especially miss Marion Keegan and the steaming hot cup of coffee she brought me every morning along with the big smile. No year’s memories would be complete without my thanking my extended family,  the Lidbergs, especially Al. Without his hospitality, I never could do any of this. Already we are making plans to make SWR 2014 better than ever.

I hope I can be part of it.



BG39.jpg (109997 bytes)

Early in the contest, the motorcycle trails begin...


TG28.jpg (69116 bytes)

Tom Gaylor, one of our photographers



TG21.jpg (101345 bytes)

Bruce Grawburg


DD4.jpg (97467 bytes)

Ray Boyd and his daughter Ramona. See Jan 2013 Flying Models for plans to the Santa Cruz III.



TG2.jpg (100083 bytes)

The Mayor of Eloy with Elmer Nelson.


TG7.jpg (99781 bytes)

Bill Bickel at the swap meet.


TG3.jpg (101180 bytes)

More swap meet.


TG4.jpg (99099 bytes)

Greg recording scores.


BG9.jpg (104398 bytes)

Ron Thomas VTO'ing.


BG10.jpg (101148 bytes)

Dick Nelson launches.


BG13.jpg (103178 bytes)

Tom Miller with a T'Bird.


BG14.jpg (97204 bytes)

Ken Kear's D Satellite.


BG15.jpg (106059 bytes)

Steve Hesla


BG25.jpg (99086 bytes)

Steve and Mrs. Hesla with a big Pearl.


BG28.jpg (105789 bytes)

Bud Romak's Mk I Clipper.


BG38.jpg (106571 bytes)

Bob Hanford.


BG53.jpg (101008 bytes)

Eduardo Guerrero III from Tucson and his dad Eduardo Guerrero II from Chile.


BG16.jpg (105272 bytes)

Twin Pushers Mass Launch.


BG17.jpg (94829 bytes)

Ron Boots with TP.


BG32.jpg (103910 bytes)

Don Bartick winds a Casano stick.


BG29.jpg (100177 bytes)

The glider pen on Catapult day.


BG33.jpg (101556 bytes)

Stan Buddenbohm retrieves.


BG41.jpg (100214 bytes)

Tim Batiuk tip launches.


BG42.jpg (106010 bytes)

Ken Bauer.


BG43.jpg (104299 bytes)

Stan Buddenbohm.


BG44.jpg (102758 bytes)

Stan & Tim.


TG8.jpg (100920 bytes)


Ken Bauer, Anthony Barron, Tim Batiuk, Stan Buddenbohm.


DK3.jpg (97410 bytes)

Rich Lyon, Eduardo III and Eduardo II with a Mr. Mulligan.


Tg30.jpg (98754 bytes)

Jim Seamster and Gen. Aviation Skyfarer.


TG31.jpg (98622 bytes)

Herb Kothe and Taylorcraft.


TG32.jpg (102770 bytes)

Ron Boots and Interstate Cadet.


TG33.jpg (100170 bytes)

Peter Brocks and Lacy.


TG34.jpg (99578 bytes)

Herb Kothe with Carl Redlin holding Chambermaid.


TG36.jpg (103279 bytes)

Bernie Crowe winds Mr. Smoothie.


BG11.jpg (107706 bytes)

Herb carrying Chambermaid DT'd.


BG36.jpg (110751 bytes)

WW II Mass Launch. Herb Kothe, Don DeLoach, Roger Willis.


DS1.jpg (96456 bytes)

Herb's YAK climbing out.



BG23.jpg (104992 bytes)

Chris Lidberg launching a Gollywock. 


BG21.jpg (97572 bytes)

A Cleveland Gull glides by.



DS2.jpg (51686 bytes)

A Jimmie Allen model.


TG38.jpg (101268 bytes)

The Flying Aces Arizona Condor Squadron and friends: Chuck Macklovic, Herb Kothe, Tim Kinsey, Ed Ingram, John Eppich, Bernie Crowe and Roger Willis.



Link to: AMA etc Results


2013 FAI Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships


We had a great 63nd SWR on Jan.19 and 20. Both days started out a bit nippy,  just above freezing, but as the sun came up it warmed nicely to 75° with clear blue skies. The winds were often nearly calm and never more than 7mph on both days during the rounds. Saturday the wind was coming out of the SE, E. When we had a wind shift with the wind coming out of the NW it required a flight line change for rounds 5-7. On Sunday the wind was mostly out of the E. The fly-offs on both days were later in the day with winds up to 9mph out of the N, NW.

We had a total of 39 sportsmen signed up for the 8 FAI classes. The contestants were from AZ, CA, CT, MI, NV, OH, OK, OR, TX, UT plus our perennial snow-birds from Great Britain (Dave Oldfield F1A, F1H and Mike Woodhouse F1B) and Canadian Peter Allnutt (F1A). We also had 3 ladies flying FAI events, Jasminka Pecenkovic (F1A), Julie Parker (F1Q) and Tiffaney O’Dell (F1G) – and also 2 FAI Juniors, Taron Malkhasyan (F1P) and his brother Sevak (F1B).

On Saturday F1C/P was won by Faust Parker (F1C) with Bob Hanford 2nd and Taron Malkhasyan 3rd (both flying F1P models). F1Q was again won by Bernie Crowe with John Oldenkamp coming in 2nd and Julie Parker in 3rd.The large 15 flyer F1A field had 5 flyers clean after 7 rounds. The F1A fly-off was won by Lee Hines with Ken Bauer 2nd and Mike McKeever 3rd. In F1B 7 contestants had maxed all 7 rounds. The 2nd, 7-min. fly-off was won by Charlie Jones with Walt Ghio in 2nd place and Blake Jensen in 3rd.

On Sunday we flew F1G, F1H and F1J. Faust Parker won the F1J “Bear” with a clean score followed by Glenn Schneider in 2nd and Bob Hanford in 3rd. F1H required a 4-man fly-off which went through 4 fly-off rounds. The 6-min. round was cleanly won by Jim Parker with Lee Hines in 2nd and Dave Oldfield in 3rd place. F1G or Coupe d’Hiver had 2 flyers clean after 5 rounds and required 2 fly-off rounds. Tiffany O’Dell won F1G with Walt Ghio coming in 2nd and Blake Jensen in 3rd place.

A big thank you to all participants and to Elmer Nelson, Hermann Andresen, Tom Gaylor and my wife Brigitte who all made this FAI SWR again a great contest to be remembered.

Peter Brocks, CD


BG5.jpg (103215 bytes)

Brigette Brocks with F1A.


BG7.jpg (103180 bytes)

Enes Pecenkovic launching for Jazminka.


BG6.jpg (105727 bytes)

Jazminka's F1A.


TG12.jpg (99467 bytes)

Enes and Jazminka, F1A flyers..


MW1.jpg (102836 bytes)

Roger Morrell concentrating.


MW2.jpg (103004 bytes)

F1B ready to go.


MW3.jpg (103224 bytes)

F1B timer details.


MW4.jpg (101083 bytes)

Safe field storage.


TG18.jpg (92951 bytes)

FAI flight line. That's RC Old Timers area 1/4 mile in the background.


TG1.jpg (106489 bytes)

Glenn Schneider with F1P.



MW14.jpg (101131 bytes)

Mike Woodhouse's F1B.


MW20.jpg (100169 bytes)

Blake Jensen.


MW15.jpg (98876 bytes)   MW19.jpg (97634 bytes)  MW18.jpg (100891 bytes)  MW17.jpg (98743 bytes)

Tiffany with Coupe.


MW21.jpg (100559 bytes)  MW12.jpg (96092 bytes)  MW23.jpg (95173 bytes)  MW22.jpg (98790 bytes)

Walt Ghio and  Coupe.


TG17.jpg (97871 bytes)

Dick Wood


BG1.jpg (100019 bytes)

F1B lineup.


BG2.jpg (101832 bytes)

John Oldenkamp and F1Q.


BG4.jpg (99515 bytes)



TG13.jpg (108779 bytes)

Charley Jones, Blake Jensen, Tiffany O'Dell, Mike Woodhouse.


TG14.jpg (99741 bytes)

Taron and Sevak Malkhasian.


TG42.jpg (99418 bytes)

David Oldfield, Jim Parker, Lee Hines


TG45.jpg (101484 bytes)

Peter, WHO, Lee Hines


  TG5.jpg (100024 bytes)

Mike Roseberry, Ralph Hotz & Ralph's son Ivan.


TG6.jpg (108706 bytes)

John Oldenkamp with F1Q.




Link to: FAI Results


RC SAM Old Timers

BG12.jpg (104624 bytes)

A Viking?


BG52.jpg (100568 bytes)

Electric Bomber with Picacho Peak in the background.


BGA1.jpg (116629 bytes)

Vic Newton and Bomber.


BGA2.jpg (107121 bytes)

Bob Galler with mother and daughter Dallaires.


DK1.jpg (97661 bytes)

A Stardust Special.


DK4.jpg (96116 bytes)

Jack Hiner and the big Airbourne.


DK2.jpg (99598 bytes)

A Turner Special?


DK5.jpg (106245 bytes)

Dale Tower and Stardust Special.


DK6.jpg (105638 bytes)

Dave Harding


DK7.jpg (98233 bytes)

Playboy Sr Cabin


DK8.jpg (96535 bytes)

Nice electric folding prop & spinner.


DK9.jpg (100899 bytes)

Rick Holman and his Bomber.


DK10.jpg (100225 bytes)



DK11.jpg (101835 bytes)

Rick Holman launches Bomber for Dale Tower.


DK12.jpg (96384 bytes)

!/2A Texaco


DK13.jpg (100168 bytes)

Phil Pearce and his Cleveland Gull.


DK14.jpg (101327 bytes)





Link to: RC Old Timer Results

We, the SW Regionals Modelers Association, may have as much fun putting the contest together as the contestants do flying in it! Our purposes are to continue holding the contest and to improve it as much as possible!


At the field:

AMA/NFFS/SAM  FAI / Randy Archer Invitational RC Old Timers
CD: AL Lidberg

Asst: Greg Tutmark

CD: Peter Brocks

Asst: Brigitte Brocks

CD: Bob Angus

Asst: Walt Angus

The organization: Southwest Regional Modelers Association:
AL Lidberg, Peter Brocks, Elmer Nelson, John Nystedt, Steve Riley, Bob Angus, Greg Tutmark, Tom Gaylor, John Patton, and Herman Andresen.

Thus, the 63nd Annual Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships comes to a close.


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