The 61st Annual

Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships

    Eloy, Arizona      

15, 16, 17,   JAN 11

2 FEB 11 pm

Three fantastic days defined the SW Regionals this year, our 61st! The weather was exceptional. Mornings were just a little crisp, but as the days developed, we saw 70+ degrees and mostly gentle winds.

SWR is actually 3 contests - AMA Free Flight, FAI Free Flight, and SAM RC Old Timers. This report contains results and pictures from each of these contests.

FAI Free Flight stayed with mugs as prizes this year. That's in addition to perpetual trophies for their 6 major events. For AMA, etc Free Flight and RC Old Timers, we tried something different: plaques with 1st thru 3rd stick-on labels. In each of those two contests, winners received a sticker and a plaque for their first win. For additional placings, they received stickers. This is a picture of the plaques showing a sunset at Eloy [from SWR 2009]. The FAI mugs also carried that picture. We also offered a few mugs for sale and those went quickly. As always, Bob Holman [laser kits/plans] did a very nice job on the awards. Better yet, he delivers them to the field!


We lost Dick Griswold, SAM [Society of Antique Modelers] Western VP in 2010. His wife Ann sent over 2 complete airplanes, 6 engines and 6 kits. We raffled off the engines, kits and one plane at all 3 contest sites. The complete RC OT model was sold by silent auction at RC OT. That model was actually built by Dick Bringgold, one of the founders of the current Southwest Regional Modelers Association. We, and the raffle winners/purchasers, really appreciated her contribution. SW Regionals got to keep the funds.

Bob Holman contributed some samples of a building aid that he laser cuts from plywood. It's a triangle about 5" tall with a base to be glued on and then pinned to the work surface. They are really helpful. Be sure to take a look at Bob's website where you'll find 3 sizes of building triangles on the first page. You'll also see a great collection of plans and lasr cut parts:


In terms of numbers, there were 41 entrants in AMA etc Free Flight, 52 in FAI Free Flight, and 21 in RC Old Timer.

Pictures are courtesy of Bob Angel, Peter & Brigitte Brocks, Tom Gaylor, Caley Ann Hand, Doug Klassen, Steve Moskal, Mike Myers, Ben Nead, Greg Tutmark, and Mike Woodhouse.  

Click on the small pictures to see them full size, and see the credit notations below each picture: BA, PB, TG, CAH, DK, SM, MM, BN, GT and MW.


AMA/NFFS/SAM Free Flight

Probably as a reflection of the economy, we had 41 contestants, down from 48 last year. However, with the great weather, we saw a lot more flying with numerous events drawing 6, 7 or 8 entrants. We continued our 3 day format and in hopes of making more folks happy, we have begun rotating the event schedules. That is, events that were on Monday last year became this year's Saturday schedule. Saturday's and Sunday's 2010 events each moved forward a day. As happened the last few years, before the contest, I heard complaints that sounded like this, "You can't put 'my favorite event' on Monday - nobody will enter." Well, we had a nice turnout for the Monday events. The 3 day layout is designed to give the most opportunities to fly a lot of events that we can possibly do. After all, we've been offering all of the National Cup events for Jr, Sr & open contestants plus SAM rubber and power events, and Jimmie Allen rubber plus Jetex/Rapier events! We'll be moving the events for 2012 just as we did this year - 2011's Monday events will become 2012's Saturday events, etc.

Some comments:

Ken Kear brought out his big Satellite again. Things were going well until the Rossi .60 locked up and threw its prop off. Hope it was just a bearing and not something more serious.

It was really great to see our AMA District X Vice president Lawrence Tougas and the Tucson AVP Kevin Houser attending the SW Regionals! This was a pleasant surprise and a first for us to see that kind of interest from our parent organization. Their report on the SWR is at .

Greg Tutmark made his journey from Camano Island. WA again [believe it's 10 years and running] just to sit at the AMA officials table again. I may be the FF Contest Director, but he does most of the work at the field. He enjoys talking with all the contestants and they certainly enjoy dealing with him. When you see folks bringing him coffee during the contest and beer afterwards, it's easy to see just how popular he is. He also managed to take some pictures while sitting there - you'll see them below.

We got a kick out of watching Herb Kothe serve as the time card runner for Bud Romak and Roger Gregory.

It was neat to see kids working on Delta Darts. Vaun Coker from Phoenix's west valley brought out a young boy and I believe he's probably the one in the picture collection below. No. 1 son Mike and I have been working with neighborhood kids and Darts for a while and we've often invited the parents/grandparents to come to Eloy to see what model flying can be. This year, young Keeley Moran and her brother came down with our neighbor and their Grandfather Steve Moran. Keeley already knew how to build a Dart so she sat down and did that. Soon after, the Dart was flying well and she had a big smile while chasing it.

Bruce Grawburg is a new modeler who just a year or so ago began with a Comet Sparky. It wasn't long before he got that model flying quite well. His latest is a P-30 that you'll see below. We saw that model under construction a few weeks ago at a Phoenix Model Airplane Club [Free Flight club] meeting. Bruce listens closely to all the advice we give him, asks questions, and I hope he's not overwhelmed by our conflicting advice!

The latest issue of Free Flight Quarterly [Sergio Montez Editor, in Tazmania, Australia] had a nice feature on E36, an electric FF event that hasn't exactly bloomed under its initial set of rules. Recently, a group of folks worked together to develop a more practical approach to rules. Some of that group built models to check out their theories. We were fortunate to see Bernie Crowe and his new model as part of 4 entries in E36. All of the models performed nicely and it's safe to say that the newly proposed rules will see greater interest in the event.

In spite of weather forecasts that called for winds all 3 days to blow to the  N or NW, we used both N and S flightlines each day as the wind followed its usual, expected shifts.

We held an informal Saturday swap meet at the field on Saturday afternoon near the AMA desk. Turnout for the swap meet was larger this year with 13 tables drawing lots of lookers and buyers. A few tables stayed up all day Saturday but that was OK. Initially, there was some fear that MECA [Model Engine Collectors Assoc] folks and other sellers wouldn't want to bring their goods out in the [possible] dust at the field, but the swap meet is growing, so we need to continue that.

AL Lidberg



 SWR: The Way I See It, by Greg

SWR 61 is history, and a darn fine one it was. In all the years I have been fortunate enough to have been at Southwest Regionals, I believe this has to be the best. The weather was nearly perfect and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, As far as I could tell, the contest went off without a hitch. This is due to the work done by our Contest Director, Al Lidberg and the SWR committee who put it all together. I ‘d like to especially remember Elmer Nelson; Elmer has set up the field for as many years as I can remember. He lays out everything from the  flight lines to parking, to irrigation ditch crossings; thanks.

Every year I get to renew old friendships and make a few new ones. I have a special fondness for Marion Keegan, from Carson City.  Every morning, Marion would send me a thermos of coffee, made just the way I like it; a real lifesaver during the morning chill. This year there were maybe half a dozen people from ‘up home’ in Washington at the contest - was nice to see all of you.

Another  special thanks to my host these many years, Al Lidberg. Al and I have become family and I genuinely  look forward to and enjoy the time he and I spend together.

It has been said that if you do something over enough times, you get pretty good at it. After 61 years, the SWR committee has it near perfect. It is an honor to be part of such a well-organized and competently-run event. I have the envious position of talking to the competitors and hearing from them their thanks. I want to pass that thanks on to everyone responsible for making my job so enjoyable.  If circumstances permit, I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of you again next year at SWR 62.

            Greg Tutmark


cah1.jpg (126285 bytes)

Don Kaiser CAH

cah3.jpg (122041 bytes)

Carl Redlin winding. CAH

cah8.jpg (134846 bytes)

Herb Kothe's Climax climbing out. CAH

cah7.jpg (132479 bytes)

Ron Watts. CAH

gt2.jpg (72684 bytes)

Chris Lidberg in the foreground while his friend Katie Cowhey readies her first model for winding. GT

gt6.jpg (55295 bytes)

Jean Andrews readies his Powerhouse for flight. GT

gt7.jpg (93320 bytes)

Gene Wicks comes over to tell Greg something. GT

gt8.jpg (123321 bytes)

Mike Woodhouse and Carl Redlin. GT

cah2.jpg (126034 bytes)

Herb Kothe winds his Jimmie Allen model. CAH

cah6.jpg (101237 bytes)

Phil Ronney. CAH

cah4.jpg (42152 bytes)

The flight line. CAH

cah9.jpg (131426 bytes)

Ken Kaiser. CAH

tg11.jpg (62016 bytes)

An old time cabin model ROGs. TG

tg4.jpg (125287 bytes)

Greg at the offical's table. TG

gt3.jpg (83139 bytes)

Ron Watts' P-30 gliding by. GT

gt1.jpg (99182 bytes)

Carl Redlin with the winning Twin Pusher. GT

mm1.jpg (108476 bytes)

Carl Redlin launches his Moffett. MM

mm2.jpg (84532 bytes)

Jean Andrews Powerhouse. MM

mm4.jpg (85151 bytes)

Carl Redlin with his Zipper OT gas model. MM

bn2.jpg (67858 bytes)

Eric Strengel and his Fouga Cyclone Rapier model. BN

Ben Nead's photo essay on E36. BN

bn3.jpg (97646 bytes)

Tim Batiuk and Enes Pecenkovic with their tip launched gliders. BN

tg2.jpg (125148 bytes)

Al. TG

tg5.jpg (117596 bytes)

Very welcome Food Service at the SWR!


tg8.jpg (106054 bytes)

Dan Sobala and Kent Prescott from Tucson. TG

tg6.jpg (101041 bytes)

Tom Gaylor's grandson. TG

tg14.jpg (119990 bytes)

Tom Gaylor and Jerry Murphy with P-30s. TG

tg16.jpg (131934 bytes)

Bruce Grawburg and his P-30. TG

tg15.jpg (107594 bytes)

The "usual suspects" at Saturday's awards presentation. TG

tg3.jpg (124222 bytes)

Part of the swap meet. TG

tg9.jpg (114811 bytes)

Bill Bickel, MECAs historian, at the swap meet. TG

tg13.jpg (83460 bytes)

More swappers with the AMA desk in the background. TG

tg12.jpg (107959 bytes)

A happy Delta Darter. TG

mw14.jpg (102810 bytes)

Nice looking GEEF [Dan Sobala's design] for Nostalgia. MW

mw16.jpg (105024 bytes)

Bob Hanford, the busiest FF gas flyer at SWR. MW

mw21.jpg (104739 bytes)

Frank Pollard with his 1/4a Nostalgia RamRod. MW

mw22.jpg (101463 bytes)

Eric Strengel with his Playbot OT. MW

cah10.JPG (116731 bytes)

Bod Romak and his RG-1 Moffett CAH

cah12.JPG (116248 bytes)

Dick Nelson with his Powerhouse. CAH

cah14.JPG (104763 bytes)

Enes Pecenkovic and his TLG. CAH

cah16.JPG (111756 bytes)

Kenny Kear and the big Satellite. CAH

mw23.jpg (108839 bytes)

Bud Romak winding. MW

mw24.jpg (102347 bytes)

Ron Watts with his Stilletto. MW

mw26.jpg (105070 bytes)

It's a Top Banana! MW

You and your picture

 could be 


 next year!


Link to: AMA etc Results

 FAI: The Randy Archer Invitational


The weather in Eloy for the 61st SWR on Jan. 15 and 16 was about perfect. A bit cool at 40°F in the morning. It warmed up to well above 70°F on both days with clear blue skies. The wind was no problem either with a max. velocity of 8mph in the earlier and later rounds. A major portion of the flying was done in very calm winds which made thermal picking difficult.

An especial honor was the attendance of Larry Tougas, our newly elected AMA District 10 Vice President, who addressed the FAI flyers at the early morning briefing and spent most of Saturday mingling with contestants on the field.

We had a total of 42 sportsmen signed up for the 8 FAI classes. The contestants were from AZ, CA, CO, MI, NV, OR, PA, TX, VA plus our perennial snow-birds from Great Britain (Dave Oldfield F1A and Mike Woodhouse F1B). We also had 4 ladies flying FAI events: Jasminka Pecenkovic (F1A), Julie Parker (F1Q), and Tiffaney O’Dell and Caley Hand (both F1G).

On Saturday F1C/P was won by Faust Parker with Lynn Pulley 1 second behind. Glenn Schneider was 3rd flying F1P. John Oldenkamp was the only one to max out in F1Q Electric. Second place in F1Q required a fly-off between Bernie Crowe and Julie Parker, which Bernie won. F1A had 3 flyers clean. The F1A fly-off was won by former World Champion Mike McKeever, with Ken Bauer in 2nd place and our local member, Enes Pecenkovic, in 3rd. In F1B 9 contestants had maxed all 7 rounds. Only 3 maxed out in the first fly-off. The 2nd fly-off was was won by George Batiuk with Roger Morrell in 2nd place and Blake Jensen in 3rd.

On Sunday we flew F1G, F1H and F1J. Faust Parker was the only one flying and maxing out in F1J and therefore winning one of the 3 “Bears”. F1H required 3 fly-off rounds which finally put Jim Parker into 1st place, Lee Hines into 2nd and Brian Van Nest into 3rd. F1G or Coupe d’Hiver had 5 flyers clean after 5 rounds. The fly-off ended in a big surprise when Caley Hand launched first into the only thermal in the fly-off round and won by achieving the only max. Tiffaney O’Dell was then 2nd in F1G and Blake Jensen 3rd. It was Caley’s first F1G contest!

A big thank you to all participants and to Elmer Nelson, Tom Gaylor, Hermann Andresen and my wife Brigitte who all made this FAI SWR again a memorable event.

 Peter Brocks, CD


pb2.JPG (115427 bytes)

Peter Brocks, Julie Parker [3rd F1Q] and Faust Parker [1st F1C/P]. PB

pb3.JPG (114075 bytes)

Caley Ann Hand, 1st in F1G! PB

pb4.JPG (115948 bytes)

Mike McKeever, 1st F1A. PB

pb5.JPG (116729 bytes)

Tiffaney 2nd F1G, Caley 1st, Blake Jensen 3rd, and Peter.


gt4.jpg (113842 bytes)

Peter Brocks [FAI CD] and Jerry Murphy. GT


pb6.JPG (117329 bytes)

Peter presents awards to John OldenKamp for F1Q. PB

mw1.jpg (104634 bytes)

Alex Andrukov winding. MW

mw2.jpg (102259 bytes)

Blake Jensen and Tiffaney O'Dell. MW

mw3.jpg (114501 bytes)

Now that's organization! MW

mw4.jpg (62865 bytes)

Hard to see, but that timer is labeled, "Simplicity"! MW

mw5.jpg (102416 bytes)

Blake Jensen, Larry Tougas AMA Dist 10 VP, Tanya Andriukov, Alex Andriukov.  MW

mw6.jpg (107124 bytes)

John Clapp, Mr. "FAI Models". MW

mw7.jpg (211805 bytes)

It's Phoenix Model Airplane Club president Elmer Nelson. MW

mw9.jpg (113123 bytes)

Bernie Crowe with his F1Q. MW

mw10.jpg (113138 bytes)

John OldenKamp, drinking, at F1Q headquarters. MW

mw11.jpg (111453 bytes)

Tom Ioerger and Bob Biedron, looking at the numbers. MW

mw15.jpg (115753 bytes)

Bob Piserchio, John Clapp. See, it fits right there. MW

mw19.jpg (106914 bytes)

Faust Parker. MW

mw20.jpg (119293 bytes)

Wing and stab popped up. Blake Jensen's F1G. MW

mw18.jpg (95409 bytes)

How does it look up there? George Batiuk and Rich Rohrke.  MW


Link to: FAI Results


RC SAM Old Timers

mm3.jpg (76529 bytes)

Jack Hiner holds a 1/2A Texaco Boehle Giant. MM

ba6.jpg (332969 bytes)

Peder Samuelson's Foote Westerner. BA

mm6.jpg (82579 bytes)

Peder Samuelson's Foote Westerner going for Altitude. MM

ba14.jpg (286557 bytes)

There's plenty of room for flying! BA

sm1.jpg (105616 bytes)

Dave Harding / Stardust Special and Steve Moskal/Brooklyn Dodger.

Steve says: "Sal Taibi would pound the heck out of me if his design didn't get credited for beating Dave Harding's Stardust Special [in the Electric LMR event]." SM

ba18.jpg (320480 bytes)

Electric fly-off: Dave Harding in shorts [Dave's Stardust is on the right], and Colin Widdison in striped shirt. BA


ba23.jpg (406379 bytes)

The barbecue fire in its early stages. The cookout was hosted by Dick Griswold's widow Ann and Walt Angus. BA 

You can click on the photos to see them in a larger 1024 x size. 

Contest photos are also available here: 

Nicer format for displaying the photos and simpler to download one or more of them if you're so inclined. DK


Link to: RC Old Timer Results

mw25.jpg (57869 bytes)


Thus, the 61st Annual Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships comes to an end

We, the SW Regionals Modelers Association, may have as much fun putting the contest together as the contestants do flying in it! Our purposes are to continue holding the contest and to improve it as much as possible!


At the field:

AMA/NFFS/SAM  FAI / Randy Archer Invitational RC Old Timers
CD: AL Lidberg

Asst: Greg Tutmark

CD: Peter Brocks

Asst: Hermann Andresen

CD: Bob Angus

Asst: Walt Angus

The organization: Southwest Regional Modelers Association:
AL Lidberg, Peter Brocks, Elmer Nelson, John Nystedt, Steve Riley, Bob Angus, Greg Tutmark, John Patton, and Herman Andresen.

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