S400 LMR Event 


1..Models may be based on any approved SAM Old Timer gas model airplane. Scaling is allowed. There is a 16 oz. minimum weight requirement. By rule, North American Old Timer designs are limited to Dec. 31, 1942 and older.
2.Thrust will be provided by a non-folding, non-metal propeller of any size driven directly (i.e., no reduction drives) by a Graupner Speed 400 6-volt permanent magnet ferrite motor without ball bearings. After purchase, motor timing adjustments are allowed. To prevent damage to the motor, folding propellers may be used provided they are locked in the fixed position for normal flight.
3.The battery may be six NiCad cells or six NiMh cells, or two Lithium chemistry cells of any capacity with manufacturer’s label clearly visible.
4.The power to the motor must be radio controlled but may be on/off or ESC.
5.Flights may be hand launched with the landing area determined by field rules.
6.The motor may be run only during the first 180 seconds of the flight; Any running of the motor afterwards results in a zero score for that flight. This time may be changed at the discretion of the CD.
7.The model’s score is the sum of the best two of  four 15 minute max flights.