The NFFS National Cup Competition

The National Cup (NC) for AMA Outdoor Free Flight and NFFS Nostalgia is established by NFFS to promote national and international competition in the Unites States, Canada and Mexico.

1. Annual Competitions. The NC Competitions shall be conducted within calendar years.

2. NC Committee. A working Committee of NFFS members shall be appointed by the NFFS District Vice Presidents to administer the NC program. Each NFFS District shall be represented on the NC Committee as per current NFFS Committee policy. A NFFS member at large shall be appointed to the Committee by the Vice Presidents as Administrator and to maintain NC scores.

3. Designation of a free flight contest as a NC Competition:

  1. Proposal. Contest organizers and CD’s contact a NC Committee Member or the Administrator.
  2. Events. Contests may have AMA and Nostalgia Events, or either AMA or Nostalgia events alone. See paragraph "7." below for the list of official AMA and Nostalgia Events.
  3. Entries. Non-restricted entry.
  4. Scope. Level AA, AAA, AAAA or AAAAA contest and Category I, II or III site.
  5. Locations of contests: United States, Canada or Mexico.
  6. Endorsement. Sanction by the appropriate National governing body (AMA; MAAC; etc).
  7. Rules. AMA Competition Regulations, Events and Safety Code, and NFFS Nostalgia Rules and Events must be used at all locations for the NC Events.
  8. Notices. List contest as a NC Competition in Model Aviation Contest Calendar (required in 2001).
4. Flier eligibility. Participation is open to all members of National Aero Clubs (AMA, MAAC, etc). To compete in the U.S.A., international participants must have AMA membership or valid reciprocity, including any required liability protection. NFFS membership is encouraged for all participants.

5. Participation at one or more sites. No limit on the number of designated NC contests a flier may enter at one or more contest sites.

6. Age category for NC competition:

  1. Senior / Open Combined (ages defined in AMA Rules). To acquire NC points, Seniors must compete in Events combined with Open fliers, such as, SR/Open or JR/SR/Open, but not JR/SR.
7. NC Categories and Individual Events (combined events do not qualify for NC points):
A. AMA Power B. AMA Rubber C. AMA Glider D. NFFS Nostalgia
a. ½ A (101)  a. P-30 (124) a. OHLG (140) a. ¼ A
b. A (102) b. Moffett (128) b. OCG (142) b. ½ A
c. B (103) c. Mulvihill (120)   c. A
d. C (104)     d. B
e. D (105)     e. C
      f. Early ½ A
8. Points allocation to Event winners; bonus points; resolving tie scores at contests; reporting of contest results; posting scores; scores counted; resolving ties in final scores:
  1. Points allocation. Event winners must make at least 3 official flights to receive NC points.
    a. 1st place 25 points
    b. 2nd place 20 points
    c. 3rd place 15 points
    d. 4th place 10 points
    e. 5th place 5 points

  2. Bonus points. Additional points shall be awarded to Event winners of 1st through 5th places based on the total number of contestants in an Event who make at least three official flights.
    a. 6 - 8 = 1 point
    b. 9 - 11 = 2 points
    c. 12 - 14 = 3 points
    d. 15 - 17 = 4 points
    e. 18 - = 5 points

  3. Resolving tied Event scores on the field. Tie scores at contests should be settled by further flying, under the direction of the CD. Good sportsmanship dictates that honest efforts to win must be exerted by each tied flier. In such circumstances the CD may rule on the adequacy of the efforts by the competitors, with no appeal allowed by the flier(s). If the ties remain unbroken, each of the involved fliers will receive the next lowest score possible. For example, if two remain tied for 1st place, each will receive 20 points; if three tie for 1st place, each will receive 15 points; if four tie for 1st place, each will receive 10 points; if two tie for 4th place, each will receive 5 points.
  4. Reporting of Event results by contest officials. To enable prompt NC scoring, the CD’s at NC contests will report the Event winners of 1st through 5th places and Event entry totals to the NC Administrator using the Events Report Form within 31 days after the contest. See address below.
  5. Posting of NC Event scores. The ongoing Event scores for individual modelers will be posted on the NFFS Web site and on occasion in the Digest as currently as possible.
  6. Six highest Event scores counted. For each eligible flier, the 6 highest scores attained in a given NC Event during the year are counted for the final total, but only 3 such scores for that Event may be counted from the same flying site.
  7. Resolving ties in year-end NC Event scores. Any ties in year-end total Event scores for 1st through 5th places are resolved by counting the tied fliers’ best scores in that Event from a seventh NC contest or additional contests, as necessary. If additional Event results are available for one but not the other tied flier(s), the flier with the available scores wins. If ties still persist, the winner is determined by the highest sum of the Event flight times in the 6 contests (see F.).
  8. National Cups. The highest combined score for all of the Events within each of the four Categories determine the winners of the respective National Cups. Ties in the overall scores for a Category are resolved by multiplying the tied fliers’ year-end scores for each of the Events in the Category by the number of qualified entries in the respective Events and summing the results; the highest number wins. If ties still persist, the winner is determined by the highest combined flight time for all Events.
9. NC Awards. Certificates for 1st through 5th places will be presented to Event winners and the permanent National Cups to the four overall Category winners for the previous year at the Annual NFFS Banquet during the AMA USOC / NFFS Nostalgia Championships, July-August, Muncie, Indiana

10. To obtain NC Rules, Event Report Forms and to propose a contest for the NC Competition, contact your District Committee member or the Administrator:

N. East---Bob Sifleet RR 3, Box 56, Glen Rock, PA 17327 717 235-2421

S. East –-Charles Caton 2488 Le Ruth Ave, Montgomery, AL 36106 334 269-0672

Central--Bob Johannes 5117 Silver Lake Dr, St Charles, MO 63304 314 441-3945

West------Bob Beecroft 3488 Linda Vista Terrace, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760 723-2499

Admin---Bob Perkins 2285 Pinebrook Rd, Columbus, OH 43220 614 451-3558

Acknowledgement: The National Cup is modeled directly after the highly successful America’s Cup. The NFFS acknowledges the advice and support of the SCAT organization and members. (Rev. 1/21/00).