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Bathtub 22 " CO2 Scale 4.95
1924 Dormoy racing plane, recreated as a VW powered homebuilt by Mike Kimbrel.


Blohm-Voss BV-141 28 " Rubber Scale 7.95
This is the WWII German asymmetrical observation plane - 2 bodies, one with crew, the other with the engine. Also - the stab is mostly on one side. Wait until you see this one overhead!

BV-141 Picture

Cessna Airmaster SM 20" Rubber Scale 4.95
The classic Cessna Airmaster was first done by AALmps as a 20" rubber model, then a 40" Jumbo rubber model and finally as a 1/2A Texaco scale RC model. In all sizes, this is an outstanding model - easy to build, great flyer, and NO wing struts!

20" Cessna Picture

Cessna Noseblock Picture

Cessna Airmaster LG 40" Rubber Scale 6.95

Cessna Airmaster Cowl w/ bumps for 40" & RC model 6.95pp
The Cessna cowl is offered as a vacuformed piece in .030 white ABS with the rocker arm 'bumps' already formed. This is quite a time saver.

Cessna Airmaster Cowl bumps for 40" & RC 2 sets/2.49
If you'd rather build a balsa cowl, these vacuformed 'bumps' of .015" ABS will help finish the job.

Dayton-Wright Racer 27" Rubber Scale 6.95
High-wing, kind of a skinny GB; mid-20s; first plane with a retractable LG.

Focke Wulf TA 152H-1 40" Rubber Scale 7.95
The TA 152 is possibly Kurt Tank's greatest design. It's the last variation of the FW 190, with a bigger engine and long wings for high altitudes.

TA 152H Picture

Canopy for Focke Wulf TA 152H-1 Set of 2 for 3.95
This is a vacuformed canopy for the TA - looks great and will save you time. Canopy is made from .010" clear plastic and is very light. 

TA 152 Canopy

Egg Spinners(2) Plastic, 2 pc/egg; 1 3/4" dia 2.49
Yes - genuine plastic snap-apart Easter eggs - used as spinners on the FW56 (mount with a small aluminum bracket + 2 screws) and the FW TA152 (front part actually snaps off to allow winding by the prop shaft).

Glenn Beets Special 25" Rub., CO2, Elec. Scale 7.95
The Glen Beets Special is a neat homebuilt that was powered by a VW engine with an inline gearbox. Long nose, wheel pants, parasol, neat cowl, no engine detail to make - what else could you ask for?

IAR 80A 34.5" Rubber Scale 9.95
This is a WWII Romanian fighter - the only one of the series that was fitted with an in-line (i.e. long-nosed) engine. All others were radial engined. No one will be able to guess the nationality from the markings. ALL markings are included as a color copy paper print - to be spray glued on.

IAR 80A Picture

IAR 80A Inst. Panel Picture

Miles Mohawk 35" Rubber Scale 7.95
Charles Lindbergh had the Miles Co. build this plane while he was in England after the kidnapping. Very neat low wing, 2-place in-line, wheel pants, Menasco inverted (cowled) engine. Very extensive documentation comes with the plan.

Mohawk Picture

Monocoupe 29" & 40" Rubber Scale 7.95
This is a famous racing Monocoupe - plans show both 29" and 40" wingspan versions of Johnny Livingston's plane.

Morane-Saulnier A1 22" Rub., CO2, Elec. 7.95
Neat parasol WWII French plane - 2 marking schemes possible; camouflage and all silver with extensive color documentation available. See an original (flying!) at Cole Palen's in NY.

Napier-Heston 32" Rubber Scale 7.95
Neat model of an English attempt at the 500 mph speed record prior to WWII. Lots of documentation is available for this one.

NJAPF - Not Just Another Pretty Face 30" For the P-30 event 28.95
NJAPF is an easily built first competition or sport model. The name was inspired by the simple, square outlines. The full kit features machine cut wing and stabilizer ribs with spar notches, other precut sheet balsa parts and one plywood part, balsa strip wood, a complete hardware pack: (9.5 " plastic prop, prop shaft, nylon bearing, aluminum tubes for the rear rubber peg and the fuze snuffer, wire for hooks, two 10 gram rubber motors), and real Esaki light weight Japanese tissue. There's everything you'll need except dope, pins and tools to build and fly this model.
NJAPF Picture

Pigeon-Fraser Pursuit 23 7/8" CO2 Scale 5.95
Very unique monoplane shoulder-wing WWI design - flat bottom airfoil - no elevators - the whole tail assembly hinges up and down. The original survives in the rafters at Cole Palen's Aerodrome, apparently considered not worth rebuilding.

RWD-8 24" Rubber Scale 5.95
Neat Polish parasol trainer.

Sperry Messenger 18" Rubber Scale 4.95
The "cutest plane in the Army". Classic bipe, 3 cyl radial, BIG star markings.

Texas Temple 37.5" Rub. Scale 9.95
A fairly obscure 30s parasol - built in Temple , Texas. Based on a 90s replica - lots of nice engine detail. Plan comes with the Texas Temple emblems and instrument panel sticky-back decals, plus a well detailed 3 view. Color picture documentation is available.

Texas Temple Picture

Texas Temple Dummy Engine Picture

Turbo-Porter 40" Rubber Scale 7.95
Swiss-American cargo & passenger plane. This one is marked with P-40 style shark's mouth- from the movie 'Air America'. A mostly square, simple Jumbo rubber model. Comes with 2 page 3 view and B/W pic. A color print of the full size T-P is available.

Turbo Porter Picture

Vulcan American Moth 29.5" CO2,(Modela), Rubber Scale 6.95
Neat 1928 parasol. Comes with a nice 3 view and a good color print of a restored original Moth is available.

Moth Picture


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