Workshop Light Handle

I'd guess that many of us use the USD $8-10 parallelogram/multiple arm lamps at our workbenches. They are cheap, very useful, and can be adjusted to point just about anywhere they are needed. However, the first time you grab the very hot reflector when you want to change the direction/placement, you'll wonder why you just did that!

A simple handle on the reflector can work well - and the picture below is a widget I've used for years - I'm using it today to set red devil filler on a new vacuform mold. The handle is a hardware store wood cabinet knob, @ less than a dollar, shown here finished with clear dope, of course! To make the knob fit the reflector better, note the spacer - if you have a holesaw, cut a 1" or slightly larger dia. spacer from 1/4" ply or balsa, then sand/rasp a concave surface into one side. If you don't have a holesaw, use a jigsaw, knife, ax, or whatever. The use of the wood knob/spacer is important because wood is a nice insulator for heat! [ The 'ax' reference was to the guy who only had one tool to build models - and our suggestion was "Next time, sharpen the ax!" ]