Half - A - Wake

Rev: 21 OCT 13

The Half-A- Wake event is combined with the Jimmie Allen event as flown by  Flying Aces Club rules. Awards will be given to third place and this event will be flown on Saturday of the contest. This is a fun and fairly easy event which may offer a cool option for many of us. Easy Built Models has a kit available for the pre-WW II Canadian Wakefield.  

Official FAC rules are as follows:

1. Open to any published 8 0z. Wakefield from 1937 - 1950

2. Model and all structure must be half-size of the original.

3. Rigid free-wheeling propellers only. NO folders or feathering.

4. Model must weigh at least one (1) oz without rubber.

5. Must use construction as shown on plan. Provisions allowed for removable wings and stab and DT. No messing with the plan!

6. Must ROG from 3 point stance. You may use a table.

7. Six official flights for best three flights. Max flight is 2 minutes and flyoff is one unlimited flight among those with 3 maxes.

8. Wing area is approx. 50 sq. in.

9. Fuselage construction is all 1/16 sq. balsa. Fuse cross-section is to be the length squared divided by 100.

10. Use any amount of rubber.