Glen Beets Special

June, 2002

Gary Wall sent along these notes and pictures. He and a partner were/are negotiating for the GB-1. The first picture shows it in the LA riverbed, where it landed after the engine quit.

The morning after the engine failure, ready to depart the LA River This is just east of Compton Airport somewhere between Rosecranns & Alondra Aves. Note the engine is running again

This is Glen Beets during construction

Note how the gear is built and the fact there is no provision for shock absorption. A very stiff legged bird.

Engine mount details

Keep an eye on the landing gear

Coming home from Oshkosh……this is in Marshall, Mo. The runway was closed so Ralph decided to land in the grass and the gear just wouldn’t handle it. Glen built the airframe very lightly, most of the structure was .020 wall 4130 tubing. Glen was the welder for Lou Stolp and fabricated all of Lou’s aircraft. Starduster, Starduster II, Starlet.