ROW Float Bibliography

Not many of us get the chance to fly our models from floats, but a few of the recent Southwest Regionals contests  at Eloy, Arizona had an ROW tank set up. We had 2 events: ROW Rubber [Combined], and ROW Gas [Combined]. In addition, the tank was available for Record Trials plus sport and scale ROW model flying. In fact, 2 ROW rubber records were set before we had to abandon the pond project when the rubber liner sprang leaks. All-in-all, it was great fun!

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Abbreviations: MAMP=Model Aeronautics Made Painless; MAN=Model Airplane News; Z=Zaic Yearbooks

ROW in Model Airplane Literature
Andrade3 view1/2A Gas'55-'56 Z, P. 101
Fea3 viewGF 57 - IDRO'59-'61 Z, P. 137
FinusMosquito 9002-2.5cc'59-'61 Z, P. 77
HatschekSpit Ball1/2A Gas'51-'52 Z, P. 119
HoffmanFloat design & theoryMiscMAMP, P.69
TaibiFloat design: EDO + sledA Gas'53 Z, P.56
Various3 viewsFAI Hydro Records'51-'52 Z, P. 171
Walters3 viewOutdoor Rubber Record'59-'61 Z, P. 137
UnknownFloat Design.020 thru .35MAN, June, 1960

aalmps 10/99; REV 2/09