Southwest Regionals

19-21 JAN 2002  Eloy, Arizona

3 Contests:

AMA / NFFS / SAM / FAC Free Flight

FAI Free Flight

RC Old Timers

updated 8 FEB 02

This emblem, used on the commemorative pins and each award plaque, was based on a picture of  Faust Parker and his F1C model at the 2001 SW Regionals.  All entrants received a pin to add to their collections.

The 52nd annual SWR contest turned out quite well. The weather was really nice, although as you'll see in the report on the Rise Off Water pond, it can get cold at night in Eloy!

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures. 

Pictures are by  Greg Tutmark [GT], Annie Lidberg [ADL], Elmer Nelson [EN], Ben Nead [BN], Bob Slater [RS], and Eut Tileston [ET].

National Competition
We are pleased to continue with being the first contests of each year to feature the NFFS National Cup and the FAI-related America's Cup free flight contests. In both of these, modelers receive points for placing in contests, leading to awards presented after the end of each year.

ROW pond
The ROW [Rise Off Water] events continue to draw interest at the SWR - and more entries.

The enclosure is fairly simple, being made of 2" X 6" lumber, on edge, anchored with cement form stakes, containing a one piece black rubber-like membrane measuring 22.5' X 26' that takes 2 people to carry. About 1,800 gallons of canal water was provided by the Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District of Eloy.


PONDGT.JPG (33214 bytes)
The pond crew: Hermann Andresen, Jim Kutkuhn, John Patton, Al Lidberg, Steve Riley & Greg Tutmark [taking the picture]. As we built the pond enclosure, 2 days before the contest began,  there were guys standing around with ROW models, waiting for the water to arrive! [GT].

ICEGT.JPG (26539 bytes)
That's a bottle of Tonic water being kept cool by the frozen ROW pond at about 9AM - the pond had 1/4" of ice on Saturday and Sunday mornings

JEANGT.JPG (38441 bytes)

By about 11 am each day, the pond thawed and activity began. Here's Jean Andrews with his ROW Mulvihill rubber model. [GT]

JEAN2GT.JPG (48431 bytes)

Jean again, on another launch. [GT]

Greg, the photographer of both pictures above says," The first picture of Jean that I took was the one from behind - showing the plane on climbout - after I took the picture, I switched to ''edit'' mode and was reviewing the shot. As it was bright out, the LCD screen was hard to see, so I was using the viewfinder screen -- as I was standing there with my eye to the viewfinder eyepiece, Jean came over and tapped 
me on the shoulder -- 'The plane's gone!' "

Commemorative Awards and Records
We lost Larry Fry, a long-time Phoenix Model Airplane Club member, about 2 years ago. He always enjoyed flying and often winning with big gas models, so it is only fitting that, at the AMA etc part of the SWR,  we award the special: 

Larry Fry High Time Gas Trophy

The winner was Lynn Pulley, from California - a long-time attendee at SWR, who not only won the trophy last year - this year he set a new "D" gas record with 27 max flights - 4860 seconds, or 81 minutes. Lynn said that once he began, a flight was made every 15 minutes for 6 3/4 hours!

Also involved in record setting was Frank Pollard, from Washington, who took advantage of rules changes to set new records in the 2 CO2 classes.


We get quite a variety of models flown at the SWR AMA FF: here are some more pictures:


ARCDANGT.JPG (42464 bytes)

Dan Sobala on the left; Archie Harlan on the right, both intently watching something. [GT]


HERBOTGT.JPG (44223 bytes)

Herb Kothe winding his OT rubber model [GT] 

jp2adl.jpg (40804 bytes)

John Patton with tail-firster P-30. [ADL]

jpfltadl.jpg (36239 bytes) 

John Patton launching. [ADL]

fltlnen.jpg (52793 bytes)

Here's the AMA flight line [EN]

lynnpen.jpg (40118 bytes)

Lynn Pulley's and his "D" gas model that made 27 max flights! [EN]

 jimkadl.jpg (28953 bytes)

Jim Kutkuhn makes ready his WASP [Canadian OT gas] [ADL]

jimk1adl.jpg (23584 bytes) 

Jim K launches. [ADL]

dansen.jpg (53991 bytes)

Dan Sobala with his own GEEF nostalgia gas design. [EN]

joevadl.jpg (31507 bytes)

Joe Valenta, our FAC Scale judge, winds his all foam ROW model. [ADL]

FRYGT.JPG (35040 bytes)

Melissa Sullivan holds the "Larry Fry High Time Gas" trophy, named in honor of her dad. Lynn Pulley took the trophy home with his "D" gas record setting flights. [GT]

4adl.jpg (64210 bytes)

At the AMA 'officials' area: Greg Tutmark [Asst. CD], John Patton, Al Lidberg [CD], Katy Patton [ADL]


Delta Darts
Jim Farmer, a former F1A flyer from Tempe, AZ,  works with a Cub Scout troop and introduced the Scouts to Delta Darts in early January of 2001. At Eloy this year, 31 Cubs showed up to fly, and one of this group managed to win 3nd place. At a troop meeting after the contest the award was presented and each Cub Dart flyer received an SWR pin. 


Eloy also marked the first time that the RSI [Rocket Science Institute] folks got to meet face-to-face. This group is a non-profit organization working to further education in rocketry for models. One purpose of the meeting was to provide demonstration flights of Rapier and Jetex models.


Carlo.jpg (43885 bytes)

Carlo Godel, Pres. of RSI, with a built-up Rapier powered model. [BN]

zinger.jpg (18477 bytes)

Ben Nead's RTF foam plane fitted with a rapier. [BN]

Al150.jpg (40034 bytes)

Al Lidberg with Jetex 150 "Jet Tube" design from the 70s. [BN]

30min.jpg (16763 bytes)

Carlo's "30 minute" model, built at the field for a Rapier. [BN]

RON.JPG (20776 bytes)

Ron Campbell with 2 built-up Rapier models. [BN]

RSI.JPG (38861 bytes)

RSI: Carlo Godel, Jay Dickhouse, Ben Nead, Ron Campbell, Al Lidberg. [BN]


FAI Events

The FAI contest also had a great turnout. Being the first America's Cup contest of each year probably helps that, but we know lots of flyers come to SWR to enjoy our weather and our field.

The F1B plaques carry a legend that Wakefield at the SWR is the 

Vern Walters Event 

Vern lived in Tucson and was seen most often enjoying big rubber models. He really seemed to have a great time flying with us.


paulcen.jpg (46603 bytes)

Paul Crowley with his F1G. [EN]

menen.jpg (51220 bytes)

Guy Menanno flew in both the FAI and AMA contests. [EN]

potien.jpg (52889 bytes)

Norm Poti with his F1C. [EN]

normrandyen.jpg (37366 bytes)

Norm receives the F1C 1st place award from Randy Archer, ably assisted by Ryan and Bailey! [EN]

keckf1cen.jpg (55587 bytes)

Ed Keck and his F1C. [EN]

MECA Collecto
Bill Bickel again hosted the Collecto at the Holiday Inn in Casa Grande. This was good opportunity to pick up old kits and engines, with the whole Holiday Inn banquet room full.


SWR RC Old Timers Contest

The RC OT folks were busy for 3 days [they fly on Monday, too]. We have some pictures of Saturday's activity, courtesy of Bob Slater of Scottsdale, AZ.


EUTGULRS.JPG (43890 bytes)

Eut Tileston's Davis 'Big Gull'. [RS]

bobhrs.jpg (47677 bytes)

Bob Hawkins' 'Bomber', flying in Antique, with a McCoy 60. [RS]

bobrs.jpg (40379 bytes)

Bob Slater, our capable RC OT photographer - told me to look for the guy with the funny hat. [RS]

griswrs.jpg (49306 bytes)

Dick Griswold with his Ehling 'Contest Gas' model, flying in Texaco. [RS]

barbrs.jpg (43336 bytes)

Barbara Mullholland, the pretty new bride! [RS]

brbfly.jpg (56937 bytes)

Barbara brings back her 'Folly'. [RS]

eutbbrs.jpg (45643 bytes)

Eut's 'Black Bullet', flying in Spirit of Sam. [RS]

edsrs.jpg (56945 bytes)

Ed Shilen with his Lanzo 'Puss Moth', for Spirit of Sam. [RS]

perbrgrs.jpg (49282 bytes)

Ken Perkins' 'Brigadier'. [RS]

perintrs.jpg (43437 bytes)

Ken Perkins' 'Interceptor'. [RS]

pernrrs.jpg (59029 bytes)

Ken Perkins' 'New Ruler' - this guy sure does build photogenic models! [RS]

toms.jpg (51946 bytes)

Tom Smith's 'Playboy'. [RS]

wateret.jpg (51206 bytes)

Eut's 'Waterman Aeromobile'. [ET]

mmet.jpg (23814 bytes)

'Midget Mustang' model built for Gerald Martin by Ken Kear of Mesa, AZ [ET]

waltbobrs.jpg (39538 bytes)

Walter and Bob Angus - the RC Old Timers contest directors - Bob must like to do this because he CD'd another RC OT contest one week later in Tucson! [RS]


Putting together the SWR and making it all happen is a task that requires more than a few people. My thanks to:

- John & Katy Patton, general assistants and ROW pond builders

- Steve Riley, mail-out publicity and pond builder

- Greg Tutmark, visiting from Lynnwood, WA - assistant CD at AMA

- my daughter Annie, who worked the AMA official's desk and took pictures

-Bob & Walter Angus, CDs of the RC Old Timer contest

-John Nystedt & Hermann Andresen, CDs of the FAI contest

-and, of course the contestants, who often make our jobs fairly easy, and who always make it worthwhile!


The Future:
We* intend to continue to bring you the SWR - the 52 year legacy will be continued! Watch for us again next January - same MLK weekend, same place, mostly the same folks, events and good weather - will we see you here?

AL Lidberg, AMA, etc. FF Contest Director

*SWRMA - Southwest Regional Modelers Association, Inc. Al Lidberg, Pres.; John Nystedt, Treasurer; Elmer Nelson, VP; Steve Riley and Bob Angus, members at large. SWRMA is a non-profit corporation with one purpose - continuation of the SWR!

AZ winners vs elsewhere
Review of the results shows that out-of-state folks took home a significant portion of the awards. The SWR continues to draw lots of entries from elsewhere and it is refreshing to see the variety of models that these folks bring. 

David Ramsey, the old timer columnist from Flying Models magazine told me he counted 14 states' license plates at the AMA and FAI sites.

This year we also saw Bob Stalick, president of NFFS attending the SWR for the first time. Welcome, Bob!

Larry Kruse, columnist from FM, was back with us, too.


Southwest Regionals AMA/NFFS/SAM/FAC Free Flight
19-20 JAN 2002, Eloy, AZ
NFFS National Cup Contest
  [X] = Number of entrants completing flights
1/2A Gas NC [7]   A Gas NC [5]   B Gas NC [3]
1. Red Fox TX 483   1. Lynn Pulley CA 1242   1. Jim Grove NV 1075
2. Matthew Kruse CA 454   2. Jim Grove NV 1080   2. Gene Smith OK 180
3. Bill Alnes CA 451   3. Steve Bruno OK 525   3. Bob Hinrichs WI 41
C Gas NC [3]   D Gas NC [2]   1/2A Nostalgia NC [8]
1. Daryl Perkins CA 1260   1. Lynn Pulley CA 4860   1. Jean Andrews AZ 481
2. Dick Nelson AZ 1021   2. Guy Menanno CA 1440   2. Don Hjerleid CA 473
3. Lynn Pulley CA 701         3. Matthew Kruse CA 466
A Nostalgia NC [6]   B Nostalgia NC [6]   C Nostalgia NC [6]
1. Dan Sobala AZ 540   1. Archie Harlan AZ 875   1. Archie Harlan AZ  863
2. Frank Roberge AZ 536   2. Dan Sobala AZ 533   2. Les Payne CO 644
3. Bill Alnes CA 512   3. Jean Andrews AZ 492   3. Dan Sobala AZ 526
.020 Replica [10]   Old Time Gas [5]   P-30 Rubber NC [15]
1. Frank Pollard WA 1260   1. Jim Kutkuhn AZ 634   1. Dennis Walters AZ 614
2. Walter Conrad NV 518   2. Walter Conrad NV 467   2. Don Bartick CA 601
3. Redd Fox TX 515   3. Art Hillis CO 457   3. Chuck Markos IL 501
Mulvihill Rubber NC [10]  

 Old Time Rubber [13]

  Catapult NC [10]
1. Ed Unicome AZ 1437   1. Carl Redlin UT 1792   1. Lewie Kear AZ 360
2. Jean Andrews AZ 1388   2. Ed Unicome AZ 929   2. Bob Stalick OR 263
3. Don Bartick CA 1213   3. Larry Kruse OK 733   3. Frank Pollard WA 232
H. L. Glider NC [9]   ROW Gas [2]   ROW Mulvihill [4]
1. Dallas Parker CA 360   1. David Ramsey CO 332   1. Herb Kothe CO 470
2. Dave Rosenthal AZ 350   2. Jim Kutkuhn AZ 304   2. Jean Andrews AZ 383
3. Lee Hines CA 283         3. Henry Smith CA 180
FAC Scale [4]   Jimmie Allen [3]   Delta Dart Jrs. [34]
1. Dave Smith AZ 165.75   1. Herb Kothe CO 344   1. Bailey Archer AZ 289
2. Herb Kothe CO 135.5   2. Jim Kutkuhn AZ 287   2. Ryan Archer AZ 246
3. Larry Kruse OK 126   3. Jack Phelps KS 205   3. Patrick Harlen AZ 86
  Larry Fry Award         Junior          Senior 

High Time Gas





Lynn Pulley CA


Bailey Archer AZ


Dallas Parker CA

"NC" denotes NFFS National Cup events. 

Southwest Regionals FAI Free Flight
19-20 JAN 2002, Eloy, AZ
America's Cup Contest
  [X] = Number of entrants
F1A [16]   F1B [15] *   F1C [11]
1. Brian Van Nest CA 2,010   1. George Batiuk CA 1,975   1. Norman, Poti 2,040
2. Tom Coussens CA 1,968   2. Paul Crowley MI 1,937   2. John Warren 2,020
3. Jim Parker CA 1,910   3. John Sessums 1,916   3. Randy Archer AZ 2,000
F1G [16]   F1H [8]   F1J [7]
1. Richard Wood AZ 1,576   1. Brian Van Nest CA 2,100   1. Guy Mennano CA 1,624
2. Paul Crowley MI 1,506   2. Martyn Cowley CA 1,852   2. Ed Keck 1,606
3. Peter Brocks AZ 1,215   3. Ernesto Busnelli CA 1,817   3. Ed Carroll 1,498
* The Vern Walters Event


Southwest Regionals SAM RC Old Timers

19-20 JAN 2002, Eloy, AZ

Antique [6]
Flyer Area Plane Engine Time
John Edris 1260 Bomber McCoy 60 1728
Dave Lewis 1180 Bomber Como 51 1525
Bob Hawkins 1260 Bomber McCoy 60 696
Ohlsson Sideport [7]
Fred Mulholland   Mercury   1234
Barbara Mulholland   Folly   1188
Jim Lang   Alpha Corsair   1115
Texaco [5]
Bob Hawkins 1260 Bomber Irvine 40 2825
Peter Samuelson 1260 Bomber OS 65 4str Ign 1929
Fred Mulholland   Bomber Irvine 40 1167
AB Glow [8]
Barbara Mulholland 680 Bomber K&B 4.9 1102
Don Bishop 672 Bomber K&B 4.9 576
Bob Hawkins 850 Bomber Nelson 29 558
B Ign LER [6]
Fred Mulholland 492 Bomber McCoy 29 1260
Eut Tileston   Fleetster ED 3.4 1253
Peter Samuelson 482 Foote Westerner Hunter 21 1145
C Ign LER [5]
John Edris 790 Bomber Anderson 1175
Fred Mulholland 875 Bomber McCoy 60 680
Don Bishop 900 Bomber McCoy 60 618
Pure Antique [3]
Dave Lewis 1200 Bomber McCoy 60 1285
Fred Mulholland   Bomber McCoy 60 641
Bob Hawkins 1260 Bomber McCoy 60 631
1/2A Texaco [9]
Eut Tileston   Scorpion   1312
Eldon Breazier 288 Playboy   1101
Art Hillis   Playboy   973
Electric Texaco [6]
Dale Tower   Strato Streak   1634
Phil Pearce   Bomber   1548
Robin Bithell 500 Bomber   1347
Spirit of SAM [3]
Luther Peters   Gull   2179
Phil Pearce   Gull   1950
Eut Tileston   Black Bullet   1795
Old Time Glider [3]
Gerald Martin       695
Ed Smull   Thermic 100   662
Bob Hawkins   Thermic 100   575
Electric LMR [5]
Robin Bithell 500 Bomber   1026
Phil Pearce   Bomber   792
Hardy Benson 450 Bomber   677
Ohlsson 23 [4]
Bob Hawkins 460 Bomber   885
Fred Mulholland 358 Playboy Jr   766
Bob Angus   Commando   743
Brown Jr LER
Bob Hawkins 1010 RC1   1152
Eut Tileston   V Tail Swallow   833
Luther Peters   Rambler   822
1/2A Texaco Scale [5]
Luther Peters 243 Waterman Aeroplane   758
Eut Tleston   Waterman Aeroplane   755
Lamoine Schrock 243 L2   420
A Ign LER [5]
Bob Hawkins 460 Bomber Torp 19 1260
Fred Mulholland 406 Playboy Jr Shilen 19 1253
Dave Lewis 320  Strato Streak Elfin 2.49 1216
C Glow [6]
Fred Mulholland 680 Bomber ST 29 1260
Dave Lewis 832 Bomber ST 35 1258
Don Bishop 900 Bomber K&B 6.5 1237

Will we see you here at the Southwest Regionals next time?

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