The 66th Annual

Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships
will be held on 16, 17, 18 January 2016 at Eloy, Arizona

AMA officials have told us that the SW Regionals is among the longest running contests in the US! We're proud of our history and we're going to try to keep doing our best for as long as we can.

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3 contests at the same field, same weekend:

AMA/NFFS/SAM/FAC Free Flight  -  The Randy Archer Invitational FAI Free Flight SAM RC Old Timers

There will be a Swap Meet at the field at the AMA FF officials area on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. There are no charges for sellers or buyers. Vendors are welcome. Sellers will need to provide their own tables.


All events will take place at the field labeled "Webster West" that is reached via Exit 200/Sunland Gin Road as shown on the map below. Exit 200 is about half way between Phoenix and Tucson.


Map  to Webster West


 Sunland Gin Road is the road on the left side of the following map. Watch for signs as you get near 7.1 miles from the freeway. 

SAM RC Old Timers will take place at the same field - watch for flags.

Phillips Road is the last marked road off Sunland Gin before you get to the Webster West turnoff. Note that 4 possible Free Flight Flightlines are shown. This is because we expect to have to move as dictated by wind direction. We expect to start the contest with both AMA and FAI using Flightline X2. Parking for all Free Flight events will be marked out between that Flightline and Overfeld Rd, the N/S dirt road at the right edge of the map. When a flightline move is to be accomplished, please leave your cars, trucks and motorhomes in that original parking area, or move them back to that location.

Field Map

Contest entrants must be 2016 AMA members (i.e. display license, cancelled check, or a CD's receipt). Licenses may be purchased at the field. There are no admission charges for spectators.

AMA [etc.] Free Flight    FAI Free Flight     SAM RC Old Timers

Contest Site     

Camping and Facilities    Sponsors:


AMA - NFFS - SAM Free Flight: Running all 3 Days!

This is a National Cup 'Exempt' contest !  

NOTE these special event schedules:

-Run What Ya Brung: Special Any Satellite event

-Dawn Unlimited Rubber 7:30~7:45 Sunday Morning

-Twin Pusher Mass Launch at 11 am on Sunday

-FAC Mass Launch Events: One each day


-Awards Each Day 

Contest Director: Al Lidberg
1127 W. Dunbar Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282



Due to concerns over liability and abuses in the past, we must require:

1. That you have a 2016 AMA license or a receipt from the AMA or a contest director showing you have paid for current membership. You can pay for your license at the site, and we will give you a receipt.
2. That ALL fuse dethermalizers employ a positive extinguishing device (snuffer)
3. That all models entered display the modeler's AMA license number

If you do not comply with items #1, 2 and 3, you will not be allowed to fly on the venue of SWR.


Contest  is Cat II


Saturday 8am~4:30pm

  Sunday 8am~4:30pm   Monday 8am~2pm
A Gas Junior Event   C Gas Junior Event   1/2A Gas Junior Event
D Gas 1/4A Nos.   Classic 1/2A Gas Catapult Glider   B Gas A1 Towline Glider
Classic AB Gas Small Rub. Fuselage   C Nostalgia Large Nos. Rubber   Classic CD Gas Elec. A&B Comb.
1/2A Nostalgia Large Rub. Stick   OT Gas Fuselage Moffett Rubber   Early 1/2A Nos. Classic Open Tow 
B Nostalgia Small Nos. Rubber   Large Rub. Fuselage Jimmie Allen FAC   A Nostalgia Mulvihill Rubber
OT Gas Pylon P-30   Small Rub. Stick High Start Glider   .020 Replica  
Hand Launched 
E36 Electric   Dawn Unlimited Rubber 7:30~7:45: time to be resolved by the entrants      
FAC WW II Mass Launch   FAC Greve/Thompson Mass Launch   FAC Modern Civilian Mass Launch
  Run What You Brung: Any Satellite  event   Twin Pusher Mass Launch 11AM      
Tomboy - Saturday & Sunday      

  Catapult & Hand Launched Glider: Flights must take place from the pen. Time cards must be posted after each two flights.

  Classic Towline: [A1 follows same rules except for model size - use the old A1 size/weight rules]:

Classic Towline Rules

Small & Large Nostalgia Rubber - See NFFS for the rules



Sponsor: Kearskustomhobby

For any size Satellite........1/4A to “D” Class (ANY DESIGN YEAR)

Category:  AMA Cat II

Any (Nitro Gas) Satellite design allowed. (Sorry no electrics at this time)

Example of model(s): VIT, Rear Fin, Classic, Rudder in front of Stab, Big Stab, Small Stab, Pacifier Pressure, Suction, Any type engine, Wood Props, Fiberglass Props, your type of “legal” fuel etc. etc. etc.
See ya then.

High Start Glider

Any design glider up to 36" wingspan; High Start will be provided: 75' of towline and 25' of 1/8"  rubber.


FAC Mass Launch events will be under the direction of Don Deloach and Jerry Murphy. We should be receiving time and location rulings from them soon and will post them here as received.

News bulletin for AMA - NFFS - SAM Free Flight Contestants:

National Cup: The SW Regionals was honored in year 2000 to be the very first NFFS National Cup Contest. Points are awarded for placing in specified events and selected contests for each year, with awards presented at the close of the year. 

For 2016, The Southwest Regionals is again honored to be classified as an Exempt contest.

National Cup events [each separately recorded and reported] for the 2014 SWR are: 

For Senior/Open modelers: all AMA gas events 1/2A through CD, Nostalgia Gas 1/4A, 1/2A through C and Early 1/2A, Classic Power 1/2A through CD, Mulvihill, P-30, Moffett, Large Nos Rubber, Small Nos. Rubber, Classic Towline, and Catapult plus Hand Launched Gliders.

For Juniors: Junior 1/2A AMA Gas & 1/2A Classic Gas [combined], Junior P-30, Junior Hand launched Glider, Junior Classic Towline and Junior Catapult Glider. Note that the event list shows 'Junior Event' on each day. Juniors can enter any Senior/Open event and will be ranked with all entrants. Juniors may also fly any of the listed Junior categories listed in this paragraph for National Cup points and certificate awards. There is no entry fee for Juniors.

FF Entry Form


FAI Free Flight

The Randy Archer Invitational

Contest Director: 
Peter Brocks, 9031 E. Paradise Dr. , Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Saturday Jan. 16 Events

Sunday Jan. 17 Events





F1C /F1P





Awards through 3rd place, plus perpetual awards for winners of F1A, F1B, F1C/F1P, F1G, F1H, F1J & F1Q. 
• F1A, F1B, F1C, F1G, F1H, F1J, F1Q, F1P & F1S are America’s Cup events.
• F1A, F1B, F1C/P & F1Q will be flown in 5 one-hour rounds with a 3 min. max time beginning at 8:30AM. Fly-offs in 10 minute rounds after the 5th round for 5, 7, 9 min max flights. If necessary, a 10 min fly-off will be held Sunday morning. Sunday’s Mini events will start at 8:30 and have 5 one-hour rounds with 2 min maxes, followed by 3, 4, 5 min max fly-offs.
* F1P will be combined with F1C.There will be special certificate awards for Juniors. 

Important Notes: Timekeepers will not be provided. Please find someone to fly and time with you. Please note that in case of inclement weather events and fly-offs may be flown on Monday, Jan. 18. Motorcycle flapping or circling with a motorcycle under a model will not be tolerated. Also, glider towing through the flight lines of other events and through the parking area is not ok. Both are unsafe practices.


To avoid the early Saturday crush to enter the contest, please pre-enter by mail before January 1, 2016. Send check or m.o. payable to 'Southwest Regionals', plus copies of your 2016 AMA license and the filled-out entry page so we'll know what you're entering. Late entries after Jan. 1 will be charged an additional $5.00

Mail Entry Form to:     Peter Brocks, 9031 E Paradise Dr , Scottsdale , AZ 85260-6888     

FAI Entry Form

SAM RC Old Timers

Contest Director: Bob Angus
6640 N. Columbus
inly, with dates tomid 80s

Saturday Jan 16 EventsSunday Jan. 17 EventsMonday Jan. 18 Events
Pure AntiqueAntiqueElectric LMR
B GlowOhlsson Sideport1/2A Tex. Scale
Electric TexacoC Glow LERBrown Jr. LER
C Ignition LERTexacoA Glow
1/2A TexacoSpeed 400 LMR Special Event**A Ign LER
B Ignition LERElectric Replica***Spirit of SAM
Wakefield Class LMR Electric*Old Time Glider 

Old Time Glider

Rules follow the basic rule book except we allow any built up glider, rudder and elevator only, with dates to mid 80s. High start wil;l be provided.



* Wakefield RC LMR special event

Wakefield Rules


**S400 LMR Event  

S400 LMR Rules


    ***Electric Replica

Electric Replica Rules

The Contest Site

The contest field is known as Webster Field in honor of Quentin Webster who was a long time sponsor of the Phoenix Model Airplane Club and supporter of modeling in Arizona. You will note that we have moved and so this new field is called Webster West.  

The prevailing wind is generally from the South in the morning hours.  There normally is a mid day lull with a wind shift of 180 degrees coming out of the north.  Early morning temperatures can be quite chilly.  While normally in the mid 30s we have seen temperatures below 20 degrees.  Day temps usually rise rapidly, warming into the 70s~80s by mid afternoon.  As the sundown approaches, temperatures fall off rapidly.  We plan to fly to Category II times.

Camping is permitted on the field.  Porta Potties will be located in our major flight line areas.


Local Speed Limits.  The City of Eloy has a 25 mph speed limit on all roads unless otherwise posted. This includes most of the area along Sunland Gin Road and Toltec Road south of I-10.  Be particularly mindful of your speed descending down the off ramp on Toltec Road as you approach the TA Truck Stop. The speed limit in this section is 25 mph and is often radar enforced.

Safety. We have several irrigation ditches within and around our site. 

Note that in view of the widely scattered flight lines, we are not expecting to have on-field food service.

Campers can use tents, trailers and motor homes, but the only facilities we offer are J-Johns. 

Camping, Hotels, Motels and other Facilities

Camping is allowed at the contest site, but please recognize that this land is used by us with permission of the owners and the leaseholder at Toltec Rd., and it must be kept clean and safe.

 There are a number of gas stations, restaurants, hotels and motels at Toltec Road and I-10 (Exit 203): including the
-Red Roof Inn, I-10 & Toltec Rd, 520-466-2522

There is another group at Sunland Gin Road & I-10 at Exit 200:
-Motel 6, 4965 N. Sunland Gin Rd, 520-836-3323. 
-Days Inn, Sunland Gin Rd. at I-10, 520-426-9240
-Sunland Inn, 7190 Sunland Gin Road, 520-836-5000

Additional facilities will be found in Casa Grande and Eloy:
-Holiday Inn Casa Grande, 777 N. Pinal Ave, Casa Grande, AZ 85222, Call 520-426-3500 or 1-800-465-4329. 
-Best Western, 665 N. Via Del Cielo, Casa Grande, 520-836-1600
-Super 8 Motel, 2066 E. Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, 1-800-800-8000
-At Exit 211; Picacho KOA, 520-466-7401
-In Eloy; Eloy Mobile Home Park, 612 W. Frontier, 520-466-7411


This contest is brought to you by the Southwest Regionals Modelers Association, Inc., a non-profit organization intended to continue and improve the SWR. Pres: Al Lidberg; Sec: Bob Angus; Members at large: Elmer Nelson, Greg Tutmark, Tom Gaylor, Peter Brocks, Randy Archer, Hermann Andresen.

This year - 2016 - marks the 66th annual SWR! 

Help us to make this one the best ever. Your comments and feedback will be appreciated!

Webmaster: AL 


© 2015 SWRMA